Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Gone *Really* Wrong Video

lottery prank


A moron freaks out when he thinks he won a lottery ticket. Or a How to: Get fired, get divorced, and get every one to hate you, all in two minutes!!

yeah oh my god you call it wait a second yeah hi mr.Branson this is Doug I hope you’re having a good morning um okay look I’m not gonna be coming in to work today cuz you’re a fat hello you look curb so it’s stuck my hey and suck it again did I quit you know just trying to do something tell you baby were over we’re done divorced hey yeah we’re done with this I don’t know that I shut up bro I hate you I don’t know why I got married you pressure from your parents I don’t know why but you will just hate your lab know dinner’s ready when you sleep honey I pinched you bitch I picked your back man I don’t not picture a bruising virus can live with those bruises oh hey Tom down yeah dude you need to calm down okay I got some news for you guess what happens every Tuesday around like 3:30 Sarah you curl me off of my car yeah little boot newsflash oh but guess what now all you guys okay oh god it’s a fake take it to you in a hilarious yo take it it’s so funny we’re just messing around you got up look at the drinkin perfect break you Oh. .

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