Fake Lottery Ticket Prank! Cj So Cool And Cashnastygaming Couldnt Even Help Him!- Part 2 Video

lottery prank

The second part to an epic prank! This time it’s Griff Cub Jaroyre 21, who gets pranked! Must see! Very funny!.

take what our stuff you mommy I should have kept my own you know because but you know what I should have kept my lottery tickets because guess what I just should have kept some camp y’all a car and I had the money till tomorrow so um this is my boy cuz Romo had a Lucky Penny and I took my penny back penny can take what our stuff you buddy telling me the money man okay welcome to club to learn the money dance the money dance the money okay I’ll bump it’s time to cut the when the money dad really nigga we should split it man G you get five we’re fine hey Vega let me see you all later I mean you got a big phony Wilson aiming right that’s the truth quit your job no you going to work tomorrow yeah no oh so you can go pick your money up tomorrow no you know roll pace she run everything she might Swiss chickens winners sick your $5 ass down before I make change you know what you’re gonna do no it’s all right it’s all right gotta look out for my people okay got still got to hold it down no really nigga thank you give me a hug oh my god nobody a few moments later oh come in a house nigga alright I’m not lying it could come in you are here to participate in the first round of human testing of protocol 563 now please I’m trying to take a test here this is my future I failed my test my dream is gone thank you I mean I mean well they don’t know they always yeah oh no that’s what I’m saying lying on tell nobody else Wow he’s a really good boy he’s a really good kid a few moments later me now handsome was this car gonna make you I’m down to lottery place we gotta go we gotta go don’t tell nobody No you got me fucked up you got me fucked up you got me fuck I’m crying again I am crying again because this is where I got them from yeah all right now take them on you can go catch my okay catch you catch all the mice wait right here what’d you say nation she’s gonna give you done oh you know it’s just something I gotta tell you is he is the ticket fake yeah it’s a prank I’m serious this is a prank no but the thing is you forgot to look on the back see it on the back it stands a little bit something about odds of winning zero out of ten thousand you will never win off these cars these are big baby I got these for Spencer’s I’m so sorry but you cut my hair Rick Rick you cut my hair you cut my hair I didn’t let you mad because I knew I was breaking oh I’m sorry don’t get mad at me I you was not rich you were only four it’s you still broke bullshit if you like this like your little dumbass bitch I’m fucking with you I got a million things that already fucking do with you stupid ass fuck you fuck you fuck you you’re cool yeah over.


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