Fake Lottery Ticket Prank & Christmas L Adventures Of J&D Video

lottery prank

We hope you all had an amazing christmas, heres a bit of how our christmas went

say hi to hey hello everyone hopefully going to pain how do you to hi so how do weren’t dory BJ’s you don’t sleep you jeans I have a channel as well are you it right here or in the description it’s at Stephanie Bella Maura I hope that ninja it doesn’t cross this out because go subscribe everybody gingerbread house in the making with all the kids paw Patrol how does this taste sister it’s frosty Bob you know one handsome insane or that feels we do laughing all the way what’s your favorite part about Christmas what’s your favorite part about Christmas always out there seeing everyone open your gift fun opening why are you crying Jessica Oh okay Bryan skip now hold on forgive me scratchers out now we got a present for you too so gizmo haven’t showed any that’s it Bowser Toby you see it’s not focusing this only goes after winning turned out the serial and pin down t0 10,000 how the but I want keep breathing keep breathing what do you do or did you buy it what do you mean the liquor store key reading it right yeah yeah prank prank damn sorry look at the address to where you have to send it to keep reading for you too dad now that was good that was good that was good you too dad I took a it was idea not just $10 he won $10 on the bonus part he won 20 that one’s real that was real good look at the bad wait how long this is real this one is real you want $20 on this one yeah the object even the papers $10 $10 come on you it’s gonna be like this you got two kids you got cleaned out and another gift you got only got one what’s up are you eating are you fancy how are you pimping home where’s your fans before your this’ll take a minute hello hi hello guys so how do ok you guys will be on to it’s your boy you tube hey what’s up to for those of you things that I can’t cook you know actually can and like I mean like you know got my own is you know grilled did you try them all right I’m just picking like the last bad you know they’re good but you know what’s the funny things I’m allergic to shrimp and you’re making them yep and like how are the shrimp I cook amazing cover the shrimp cover the shrimp heaven how are the shrimp but I cook amazing oh my goodness that right you look amazing what oh boy Yee open it oh my god open it October night open it open it select yeah what story damn it oh no did you find the bulk of it you’re gonna bawl Wow Arthur you’re gonna put money on it okay there’s mass get it get it yeah the crayons for you to draw more than more girlf really sucks he did didn’t care about the song what is it but it melted something else one more thing what is it okay now open up now open those yeah it doesn’t matter open it oh yeah more Damian Hey yeah more arrows them much income puppy yeah more power meet you in the loop.


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