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can you give me a little integer don’t argue with anyone we do this all the time six times like we really done another phrase yo what’s up army troop to shebar mine dog man shit boy not our mind dog is mine dog but listen y’all I’m about the hit tray with a prank right now is going to be called the lottery ticket prank man so basically go get a lot of you ticket right here I’m finna walking house happy oh my god oh my god bro we did indeed it for we made it bro ah I scratched off the ticket but we got paid one point five million dollars bro I’m imma have a camera set up in a secret place bro about the Haiti movie bro that ain’t nothing to keep on pranking me finna get me off we beheaded you feel me so everybody know man let’s get the army troops team on Dawg let’s get that money so I just got back from the stone so yeah I just have a from your store and I’m gonna go oh yeah I just got back and look again I’m gonna scratch it off just hot until chances by the top 100 for the Sun mama Oh what Iowa no more so you can add so much Latino fuck okay now I’m going to do it in your usual about your daughter’s tonight neither so it’s on the order your air drop education come on Boone it wasn’t any bro hey white mama won’t nobody wanted to see already getting this municipal I only held it until track time yes yo relax pearl I’ll just come to the same word another one to run let me go on talking shit on ya’ll so worried about what I’ll be able watch it and up I’m saying is this reason or another oh my we ditch okay so I’m gonna do no I’m just like Oh world hey bro how do you know when you win the lottery it should be like like 300 is that right yep Oh oh my god bro door I got nine uh not bro right there no that’s King bro Oh Oh God the 1.5 million oh gosh what a god bro 1. 5 million bro oh what a god oh gosh right god oh my gosh what a god bro look bro Armando we kill our Baba Trejo let it go three nights you are what it god fuck bro I swear to God Robonaut thrown off bro that crazy bro okay you leave it you up early who can treat a millionaire row oh love the quality R Bobby it is for our mothers quality how much mom you oh my god Walter does Paul Oh bro hey bro you all don’t want to get up a Lambo whoa let me say I love my five million roll by the falsies hey bro Oh yeah walk in Somerville and pay for I mean it like it it you feel site right it yeah I started integral so what was my oh my god says I’m up straight log it oh I swear to God a sissy ready you ready to be a millionaire alright John blocking it this way this way y’all this way hey I got the garden in me I know he’s needed hey mama hey hey Ronnie thank perfect man our diamond you is the dog table leaders bro how did come on bro let’s go listen I know you’re lucky I don’t know bro I swear oh wait yeah bro come on up got it good God movement bloody idiot bro hey bro just think our bro we whit bro he will be blessing us bro why here is right here on the corner bro just cut take that boy in there and be like bro I want okay i’ma have my little brother duel bro cuz I love my little brother broke my nigga Reez g wagen I love the world I love my little brother bro so I need to go go turn in there but I have my brother go do it boy what you talking about boy I mean how my brother goes do it boy always want a lottery are you talking to me come on bro he worth it well you’re a millionaire bro bro bro we just won a lottery but eight rows your act like we’ll have 1. 5 million on hand right now bro come on these niggas gamma come on now bro it’s all good oh my god ah I can’t believe is brother you got the edge you have the lottery ticket okay a game grabby I see a hole oh I dropped it when I was fighting bro come on bro he dissed me yes yes Rosie yes bro Salas aye hey hey come on y’all we are we are let’s go hey oh no do it the money everybody got like well I know but deal yeah bro Bachchan eat them oh I gotta go pass your bro you buddy Sunday it’s Sunday got it good hey I totally kind of County breath I was gonna go to church what man yo I want to thing I want to thank all our support thank you Jesus thank you everybody for everything dolla dolla bro hey yo yo we want bro we want we want without everyone bro we want we need our money we need our money but we need our money we need it right in bro 1. 5 yo me say we won 1. 5 1. 5 million bro I need my money hey yeah you go away 1. 5 huh well what’s up baby bro Armand brought you mean he said you know where are you lying about but which mean you don’t think so hang on you keep that hold on there hold on he said I look I know we want to come what you me and say we want on there what we bought you bro 1.

5 million bro get that one right there it is oh alright alright alright I know my eyes my mouth I’m claiming I’m playing on my speech this my students for bracelets for favor probably need this right here their dad nah bro you can you can’t play the lottery but everybody know when you’re like fuck I know bro but I’ll just a hammer whenever I would make it like you tatianna who say what what is a how much it was nothing sorry not a win with what happy where we’re coming up notice I’m not on the way here yeah I just got think hold on wait a minute hey can you type that in one more time they call me bro one more time bro that’s the devil take control of the machine for real I don’t know was hold on all right wait what you mean everything come in like maybe you gotta go to different galaxies you know hold on bar which means I don’t think your umbrella a nice image even you can tape on my hands hold on bro wait hold on bro hold on homey I just came broke they say what you mean what you mean is not funny no what do you mean it’s not funny though bro I’ll let you go catch the tape hold on hold on I’ll let y’all go cast escape why not happen won’t even object oh uh hold on wait a minute though wait a minute don’t come out don’t do that bro that being said sorry not ready bro but what y’all mad fo like I let y’all do your thing bro like I win which is me ain’t a winner sorry not a winner how about I let I’ll let my little brother I let my little brother go turn the thing you aren’t grateful bro are you ungrateful not mad for nothing nigga we got 1.5 million dollars come on bro cheer up cheer up man we ain’t done no pranks since when we say that since when we say we was done with some pranks your nigga go ahead you know now go ahead sign another I mean time he’s open he’s open bro face too much goes up Brooke rolling playfully surprise ah what to me is open bro now we open with it bro stop bro stop playing up zombie bro Josh you got the key well y’all people will you got the key well your people can take a joke bro so I took around the money alright you a few tisha alrighty tott okay oh no I want your nun note finally another way back alright bit I don’t want to I’m free right on your neck today I don’t want to hear nothing I don’t wanna hear message for life food bro no bro stop Rod’s almost through this camera children all right we may be near what we millionaires sees that we want we want a lottery up it’s simple and mind oh and look look even with a lottery for a colorful mr. broke pump no we want Nikolai has go oh hey last it’s your boy mind dog he’s over that’s my man’s trees okay that’s my man’s last man everybody stuff will be a description below make sure y’all click that like button oh yeah hey Chris we want what you mean they argue are you not we want you there you’re good lucky I fell asleep you love you love her do a hater bro yo look like I said mention boy my dog what’s your name bro yeah man I got it I got him bro my man perfect labs krysta queen mayor by just good to be in the low I mean well don’t forget to follow our instagram at our mine and trade man and make sure y’all follow perfect last crystal queen their stuff will be in the description below let’s get it off team mind oh. .

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