Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!! Best Reaction !! *Goes To 7’11* Video

lottery prank

Pranked my mom with a fake lottery ticket and i think i got a good reaction out of her!!! it was funny!!!.

in this kitchen you know you you know you know okay so just got to my mom’s house I am gonna prank her with the fake lottery tickets yeah I’m trying I’m gonna get his toys oh can you unlock the door I locked the door so I’m gonna prep my mom with the fake lottery ticket hopefully she do i mop it hopefully she hopefully I get her that’s the thing hopefully I get her she gets a good reaction oh you get Max’s toys and get his toys and then I gotta go set up the camera before mom comes there’s my brother yes it had at oh you too you too move all right max I got your toys here you go hey dude there’s Judah me and my brother we’re that on okay hopefully it works here though I’m gonna get a good angle using as dark start it’s getting dark in here oh I hope she gets I hope he like gets her though then she always sits over there we gotta turn off the camera this way she’ll be able to see it no she won’t okay I don’t think she’ll come in and like look around she’s not gonna pay attention fair I’m getting my money I’m getting that money we have my camera camera you like it luck is going on I think you can go check it we’re gonna go check if that lottery ticket is real if they really want another dog well turn your pocket well let’s say the donor watch it let’s go let’s go block this whole thing that’s not fair where’s your shoes Dan just dropped all his food hurt so much excitement far too much time anyone dog so drop the spoon oh man she’s excited you got it you got it never you got it you going to I’m not going in them save the car do you like my camera look at my camera this oh no it’s the CICC canon sx7 30 she didn’t Wonderful’s a month was very definition huh I don’t know mind you took it usually steal my ticket too then I stayed in the house how are ya my man little you know let’s go and wait for the metal thing I know no there you in a hurry to get your money we’ll see I’m gonna get some others portion samehada she’s almost 1/4 eat the pudding which mean I’m always good Oh see Sammi Tommo african american real man come in history no way you’re me right Wow I was reeling here anymore huh you have to go I’m gonna go yeah thank you let’s see if they won Yossef you need it it’s not skinny Kimball’s about and I kept on Sarah i’ma go to karma kanda it’s not scanning it I wonder what they’re gonna say Mc.Kenna’s betadine record another that’s a poor boy no way can I get back you’re still in there no my dowry you don’t get married album and on alert Frank not happy anymore via the total mental toll didn’t happen if you did went yeah it was only for entertainment purposes the guy was like so it’s a fake right oh my god you know either you really knew yeah how much what got something you’re laughing yeah he’s laughing he’s delicate why I don’t want to see you know what does it mean to tell about me I got you it was droll come on it on I don’t know anything I’m innocent he was they were in the prank with mom hey you got Momo come it’s okay you got the best price laughter I know how do you feel that was good I got nervous when you guys like Alcatel you were nervous till I was like whoosh I do and taro is able to go so we’re back they magic right guys are mad or you want some money mom did it the cash even my camera died so I couldn’t keep recording in there but I got my mom good we got grandma right and I’m ready to go home the babies are tired I’m tired I think I got a good reaction out of it something something that I expected to the house. .

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