Fake Lottery Ticket On Girlfriend! She Ran To Cash It ! (Prank) Video

lottery prank

We decided to upload the prank by itself so whoever wants to see the prank can just see it without the vlog.

25 hours you got one more shot I don’t know where we never won good well that is a three what you had to have to do the same amount yes we have 35 thousand dollars waves naughty lon don’t you see it do you not see it yo value lies behave don’t you serious I see it okay that’s the rules right yes good so you will find out hahaha we love Madonna yo a real baby are you serious are you serious no are you serious who 25 and age now thinking like I I get like four thousand you get one oh my god you buddy I dollars on me you’re lucky not occurred we want we both like our mother oh my god that’s so late I more like 4,000 no we’re doing 2500 each that’s only right what you gonna do with your 2500 baby whatever I mom I’m going to shopping free or save it whenever I need a I got it maybe we won’t $5,000 oh that’s good yikes Thank You Miami yeah it was a dollar 12 it was ok shaking we gotta go to the store and get our money No okay okay no yeah we will five thousand dollar any done oh my god babe what the hell yes what that’s amazing Miami you’ve been good so far I come here once a year you win five thousand each path Robin one side we spent a battle of here five thousand dollars I can’t then we really put the W on Karen unless you really live yo she’s really rugged you are so sweat don’t you want I’ve seen a picture of reference what a key element Mizuki so badly to be able to get offensively they didn’t like no I pero en la otra manera que hago por mucho KO you know every someone’s you getting it at all new this is uneven ground go to school okay wait where do we get this on here so I don’t know how to tell you you want to leave now is like Holly with you sorry 15 thousand dollars you dope I was a girl I that’s respect outside no why would you risk it I got hurt our first prank guys yeah if you like that.


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