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Crash Like The Magic Crasher – wants to win the lottery. How many people will be honest about a winning ticket? David Bonfadini tests how honest people are about if a winning lottery ticket is actually theirs. Enjoy this Honesty Prank.

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The Magic Crasher is played by Actor & Comedian David Bonfadini. He crashes people’s daily routine with undercover Pranks that often have a Magic twist!

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what’s up everyone it’s the magic crash for david bohm foodini and we’re live and today we’re testing people’s honesty I’m gonna ask him if they dropped a lottery ticket not knowing that it’s a twenty four thousand seven hundred and eight dollar winner hey buddy did you drop this oh it’s not yours okay but that’s not your ticket is it this was outside that wasn’t yours okay you didn’t drop that lottery ticket did you know all yours okay so that wasn’t yours and then you came in after right after okay fair George can you see if I won are you sure that’s not yeah I just found it outside I thought it was his how much did I win for four plus five I got four out of the five 1920 21 oh shit 42 you wanna and twenty three twenty four thousand seven hundred and eight dollars are you kidding me yeah twenty four thousand seven hundred eight dollars that’s that’s exactly he you just said I got three or four do you have you have the form shit give me a pen I’m gonna send the back of the ticket oh my goodness yeah I just found it outside twenty four thousand seven oh eight oh my gosh and then twenty three you didn’t get the one before you dude yeah so back up so I got that it’s not yours is it hey I found it I saw you I had one that’s over this do you have the form yeah give me to get a pin hey I really appreciate you guys honesty oh oh my goodness that’s crazy dude thank you for being honest man am i good actually yeah you know what if I this one I’m gonna pay for your lunch yeah yeah don’t even trip no you’re good you’re totally good you know what yeah no that’s please yeah happy holidays twenty four thousand seven hundred tickets do you have a do you have the form okay oh my goodness thank you take my picture what what if I said that you were vit you’re very honest you’re very honest person this is actually a prank this is not a real ticket we wanted to see if people would begin to be honest and you were honest thank you and good luck you know what your honesty may it bring you the millions this is actually a fake ticket and we wanted to test you to the honesty and you were actually very I wish I could thank you thank you happy holidays well there’s the video guys George Kelvin thank you so much for being a part of this social experiment prank magic trick how those of you question how do you get that’s it was our winning numbers magic we wanted to test people’s honesty so would you you know ah bro it’s amazing how Cu you can find honest people I’m really in shock thumbs up so make sure you give this video a thumbs up for honesty and we’ll see you next week where I crash random people in situation instead of my cameras and we get real reactions on national topics like honesty and this one past if yes be honest be honest that’s the key you can wait I like your bow you can wait you.


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