Fake Lottery Ticket Christmas Prank ! He Tried Leaving ! Video

lottery prank

if you guys want more prank vids let me know . Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

yeah I think everybody’s going you gotta go ready that’s crazy what if I say it was a prank what’s going on guys evolved embalming I’m back guys another video today merry Christmas to everybody today guys I got a special video for y’all today hey guy we better go ahead and do the lottery print so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do a lottery pick on my dad it’s curly really early in the morning we better go ahead and do this we buy cute this hope you enjoyed this video man actually I’ll bring a prank video for y’all more videos coming shouldn’t hope you guys enjoyed this video before we started the video might let you guys leave a thumbs up and if you guys didn’t wish you got subscribe me praise challenges reactions or cutting without further ado man Merry Christmas to y’all man let me know what you guys want to see you next it’s bout it be liddie we’re just gonna go ahead and skip to the ball yeah don’t stop no no way does it no no yeah huh yeah opening right now Marcus Merry Christmas I like it go OK God he go over you guys opening it like that market market I’ve got that so I was inside tell you know Margie was peaceful yeah you liked you Marcus yes when you give okay what did you get okay market you get market World War two Marcus what what do you bother you got this okay what did you get shown when you’re done anything okay a diary Kevin okay I needed it so bad guys well we’re okay bar get the shirt that wench you want sign that attend okay what are you doing for ten that’s why you got ten for ten once you get 10 a dollar okay one dollar slick Oh okay what about a saying I’m gonna save you oh my god were you going but where you going where you going that’s crazy does it really say 5,000 do you really want to leave with it to you but I like splitting with me or something five thousand files they buy those and you gotta go really really you gotta go yeah make sure no fuck I see you real quick though fuck I see you real quick though that’s crazy but what if I told you this is a prank you’re happy you’re happy you’re a dumb happy oh oh I don’t everybody was mad at you hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you dollars no dad you know it was real you thought was praying challenges across in my social media anyway guys enjoy your Christmas Merry Christmas everybody Bebo homo bless you two boys a little tip with a brown don’t start 2018 are you maybe you happy beyond your garden stock no no no no and.


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