Fake Lottery Ticket/ Breakup Prank On Girlfriend!!! Video

lottery prank

What up Kd Squad? Yah boi DayDay back again with this prank on kylee!!!.

right is if I can to practice practice of it it’s right come back come back come back but you love to leave me come back what’s up Katie spa all right so today we prank and Kylie today art so you know she got me back with that last prank man it was white today it was going to be late late it’s going to is going to get real today I so today um what I’m selling I was doing a fake lottery to get prank slides a breakup so I’m until I won a lottery and stuff like that I did stuff or whatever and then I’m gonna tell I’m moving you know i’ma tell unless I’m gonna be messing on a whole bunch of other girls when we move on my so I’m gonna make up and say I don’t know if we’re gonna move la uh sound like that something like that but it’s gonna be lit alright and she gonna be so mad but she’s gonna be crying and stuff like that which are Ino tune that I told you team day they was coming back with it Ike man let’s get it man I see y’all in a couple minutes man I gotta take my sister school so let’s get all right what’s up Katie squad I’m a Kylie house my waiting for her to come out right now you know she tell you long as usual so hopefully she hurry up I gotta do this print but a spam team day they in that comment section below and was her reaction let’s get e hopefully I got the cash I’m good you take home oh gosh Ali is yata no Ty Lee mash he takes ever like forever to come out all right here she caught a nice car let’s get it man is she calling let’s get it think that a whoo I don’t think she did her hair was she gonna be mad up with this on but who cares was kidding somebody said get a nice jacket he’s I had that she brings her shoes with bleep on that shelf is a new bring up a fish number one letters right laughs right we’re talking this morning how we fight we’ll never have to say this morning that was done but I know it’s part of go away then I was talking about oh I’m about to stay down with this realizable we’re not going to like but I’ma be honest he wouldn’t be a monster to life anything on long distance relationship right here it is the longest relationship I can’t do that on my inner excited especially y’all on the opposite side of the world do it’s still gonna be long distance up I’m moving here and you here okay yeah I get that but I’m talking about like we’ve been together over yeah and I understand how best the same time you got to understand what long this is all night I will do it like it if you don’t if you don’t agree with that we can image relationship right now because that’s how you feel like that’s how you want to end up such as going away for a long time we’re here it will be live in the years and a lot come by I don’t know what about I get an opportunity of those job opportunity out there that would okay I’ll come down here what about me somebody is down there that one why would you meet follows you how you know how you know I don’t feel the same right now I know I just don’t want to end it right now why would you because you already been irritating so when I enjoy working on it and its relationship because I’ve been irritated more like you don’t irritate me what not Yanis numbers don’t want to be released in any way why those I don’t like I sitting here they’d be getting on my nerves everything not just on it my mother handed now before I leave first it was just want to be like that off what you want to we don’t tell what about them really and I want to meet new people like this sorry you don’t you know somebody the top in film or as I mean new people didn’t view achieve that posture right now and I’m being a hunter right now so we can just end this relationship right now be doing don’t have to talk no more we just do me crying okay so be friends yeah why not I’m not going beyond your nose and no you estrellas well well had to be from we can cut that we can cut that block up to what does that make it better comedian make it better because is all about you right now Jeremy you’re not the one I am I wasn’t anybody but let’s let’s just keep it short I dating not want to be with you what a car yeah what is that the car for wife I can get out you want to get up no more Hey really what now you ask I’m sorry Tyler go right back okay come back to mine use the break is about your the biggest quickest of it isn’t right come back come back come back well you like to leave me come back you don’t hiking why not I know people I don’t know I don’t I’ll just learn it was those car sales or something I got a team data in the comment section below y’all let’s get it man I told y’all man I’m coming back well I play no games well gee thanks day let’s get it our talk.c on in this video man was gay you. .

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