Fake Lottery Ticket Breakup Prank On Girlfriend!! (Gone Wrong)! Video

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aren’t you proud of me I want $10,000 need any of this anymore I don’t need to put up with you anymore it was at this moment Jackson cooped up hey guys it’s your boy Joshua and today I’m gonna pull a prank on my girlfriend because she got me pretty good last time with the cheating on boyfriend prank but I did catch on and I did end up scaring her really bad what Lindsay thinks is that we’re gonna go to the store pick up lottery tickets and scratch it off for you guys what she doesn’t realize is that every single armed ticket that I’m be scratching off is a winning lottery ticket it’s a fake gimmick lottery ticket and we’re gonna prank her really good and see her reaction to this so guys I need some luck and love like always so can you guys right now smash that like button below get us to 100 likes it’s payback time baby all right guys so she just got here she’s coming out of her car oh my god hi hi God look at her are let’s go lock the door on our way to get some lottery tickets who’s gonna win me are we going to win at home I don’t even think we’re gonna win at home now we’re gonna go get our lottery tickets now we’re gonna see who’s gonna be the winner hi let’s go are you ready Manny all right so you get this all thanks candles by the I ask you back all right guys let’s start scratching them all now this is Lindsey first scratching her first hi if I win I get the money you don’t get doubt that you’re gonna win to begin with yeah I lost you had tree all right he’s gonna do his now look at that all right first one okay so winning number is a ten I have a six twelve for eleven and seven so I’m not a winner she is a star ah I won two dollars wait all right you want to or two identical prize amounts plus a star and you win that prize so I went two dollars freakin kidding I won two dollars and he wants he’s gonna do his one his now cuz he’s a loser never you there isn’t one I’m going to win I have to all right this one is the lucky shot oh my god oh my god 5,000 Joshua you’re not win $5,000 oh my god oh my god I did I win no let me see I freaking did match any 3 mm I Gordon you’re gonna give him again oh my god oh my ghoul this is she just Oh Mike I won 5,000 wait a minute no no no no this was mine wait this is more money let me see it with no pants mine i won you don’t get any of it you don’t you think you going out to dinner yeah nope why didn’t I get down ah somebody’s a little mad now uh nope loser loser she lost it how could that be why are you mad cuz why the luckiest person ever are you freaking serious are you serious is that fun fifty thousand baby words at five thousand it’s nothing it Oh what did I say mean are you serious match three amounts and win that amount calling my mom hey Holly my mom oh my god you just won $10,000 oh my god I just want baby I want ten thousand dollars baby I won I want ten thousand dollars aren’t you proud of me sure go see if you actually won and then get my two dollars aren’t you proud of me I want $10,000 I don’t need any of this anymore I don’t need to put up with you anymore but stop it some funny I know you’re joking stop she is so mad that I wanna know I’m just matter what you’re saying then you can buy me lunch oh I’m not oh no I’m leaving I’m moving to California with this money go inside then I’m all Mars born I have to tell you something what these are just fake are just fake I’m just serious I’m not breaking up with you unless you ain’t getting me back yeah this is my way of getting you back this is too good yeah look at her like she’s double checking right now see you just double checking look at her yeah double check read the back read the back to everybody for entertainment purposes home entertainment purposes only how do you feel about all this that’s stupid you were so mad yes your dogs gonna leave you thank you guys were watching this crazy prank on my girlfriend I had to get her and this was amazing you guys saw her reaction that was a funniest thing I’ve ever seen slick slack and we’ll see you back homies peace out you.


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