Fake Lottery Ticket Break Up Prank On Girlfriend Video

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once again that your boy Nate and today I’m gonna prank my girlfriend actually I got four fake lottery tickets right here and every single one is the winner so once you guys back I was sorry scratching up and act like I won and let’s see what kind of reaction she gives us let’s get it so those are some recipes those nerves oh and it’s about men really yeah OH oh yeah 2595 okay is mine this is what you see because I won I’m gonna go talk about myself one this is the first time I’ve won I mean it’s not like this I feel like you should know we should obviously take a break I just won money but you won money that you want to break yes ladies yeah why do you have to be single you mean you’re trying to go around now yeah I got money mouth so just gonna leave fuck some hoes money thirsty talk to me talk to you about my situation what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with me.


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