Fake Lottery Ticket And Jordan’s Prank (Ep.2) Video

lottery prank

Merry Christmas pranks and gifts Perkins style.

hey babe you got anything for a headache yeah got it take two tablets by mouth daily but side effects nausea diarrhea lupus halitosis athlete’s foot burning urine bad credit chlamydia dyslexia diabetes more diarrhea oh what’s up guys Merry Christmas also a special birthday shout out to my low sister Lauren we love you safe travels to you Thomas in the family out in Florida after the snow out here yesterday were just a little jealous of you guys but anyway my little sister Nikki told me that I talked to namwon after the first video so I’m gonna heat that advice imma get right into it so what we got going on is I actually pranked my boy Vic with some fake lottery tickets the scratch offs and then I prank Jalen with a fake Jordan keychain making him think that we got him some real Jordans which we did but he don’t know that so anyway check it out love you guys Merry Christmas okay we’re heading into the mall Chicago Ridge this place I love this place my goodness great shoes good food court I’m fat okay so we got the fake lotto ticket okay so I’m trying to figure out what to get Michelle she needs some Nike running shoes I know she wants all black so what’s gonna get the fries put 1:30 nothing my baby ain’t worth it but you know niggas just broke these days and I like these though these are dope probably gonna get these if they have her sighs hope she likes ok jam crew I’m trying to decide for jailings this shoes or listen like that black decisions decisions shit I want these okay so why don’t shop it for Jaylyn I saw these and now I’m thinking I’m getting these from the show and though it’s not because they’re like $30 cheaper than the other ones I was getting okay a little bit these are sexy too so hopefully they have his eyes okay so I am headed back to this first shoe store to get a refund and I have no saying the shoes that I bought from the show they’re nice you know so they’re still nice and I saved about 30 bucks so she can appreciate that I got Jalen some nice Jordans I’m going I got actually bought a fake Jordan keychains from Jordan shoes I’m gonna put those inside the Jordan box so when he opens it I’m just gonna say sorry bro these are the only ones that we could afford this year times are tough maybe for your birthday I’ll get you the real Jordans and try and get a reaction out of him he’s a good kid so I doubt he’ll say anything crazy you’re probably just say I understand which will ruin the whole prank but you know we’re gonna try it anyway but I got him some Jordans and this might be the first pair he’s ever had I’m not sure which is crazy because I love Jordan but he’s just so expensive hey I’m back guys so I decided to prank Vic and victus one of my best friends and we do this thing called Fan.Duel where you’re like like fantasy sports and so we’re always trying to win you know thousands of dollars and the big prize and I know he’s like really you know borderline obsessed with winning you know so he can quit his job but uh so I figured like who perfect to do the song because I know he’s looking for that big payday so just see for yourself yeah where I’ll go rocking boy well your rocket first my rocket Tommy’s it look it’s like fans were they gonna give you one and make you scratch the rest ow Oh uncertainty of also the Lakers Oh loss of the Lakers it was like 2000 with Chris Paul tomorrow I’m like this like a big gonna be like game play is not right man the fucking game play day they got the rocket city is a hill bro they’re like they in first place in the West Dan number of fuckers is like 550 dollars 100 all you got mm yeah but um I was looking at the thing come on like 21 2000 this fall bro it’s 20 and Oh with Chris Paul I’m like these motherfuckers it’s not it says it says match three like amounts win that amount one two three you looking at that shit is this a real a lot of ticket what is this the high dollar is this a real lottery ticket we gotta claim a good million or something this must be a fake ass ticket just doesn’t say Illinois a man happy my boy that was give you so look at that ten thousand focus bitch yeah my boy Vic is gonna quit his job I’m like talking about the Rockies I’m not trying to make you seem like I’ll give a fuck about the ticket this nigga can’t drive so we record now is he’s about to slide out did I call it keep it on did not Oh did not call it Oh hold it I caught it idiot see ya I’ll be thinking I’m playing that’s why I got this wood I’m trying to drop a deuce he already here you like got wait your turn bro nah can’t sell my they don’t like you so brick you loving it look what baby girl got me for Christmas dope dope nice right there well starting my little watch collection nice way to kick it off all right Jennifer this was my attempt to wrap Michele’s gift remember this so nobody laugh at me alright and here is the finishing touches I don’t think I’d do that horrible okay that’s pretty bad what’s the thought that counts right but what’s inside a picture frame for Christmas with some white people inside love you baby whoa jutsu what is it Kendall what do you say to mommy and daddy whoa and what so your pajamas oh nice astronaut astronaut good job have a kiss daddy kiss oh come on what I don’t even think it is think about what do me a favor hold this ill only pair joins we got a four guys thought he was getting now I feel kind of bad cuz because he’s like uh I’m gonna look up in one Jordans all year but it’s still a nice keychain though so yeah how’s it feel to hold this the first nail the first prank on jam TV there’s a nice Jordan no I think it’s Lancer yes yeah you go for one more though just one more and the real ones you know wasn’t gonna do you like that hold them up other side and the flight yeah buddy first prank hey what’s up guys hope you enjoyed the video if you did please hit that thumbs up button and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe hit the notification bell so you can notify it when we upload on Mondays and we’ll see you next week god bless Merry Christmas we out stands on that point I already saw Hey he ran right past dad like I don’t work like I won’t pay bill that I don’t have money I do nothing like that was just all mom yeah we’re right pass. .

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