Fake Lottery Prank!!! Video

lottery prank

Today I trick my parents into thinking they won the lottery when they start to celebrate, I tell them its fake!!! its so funny you have to check it out…please SUB LIKE FOLLOW and SHARE!!!!

Subtitles are available for English and Spanish so check it out if you want!!

Hi my name is Gus I like to mess with people to get a good if you enjoy funny videos make sure to SUB and LIKE for more videos!!

all you have to do is match 3 numbers.DAD 3 10,000 numbersnu uuhh. DAD hell yeahwe all lost dad its your turn see if you wonwhich ever one you want to scratch firstthat one is the easiest to play you just have to match three in a rowyou just have to get them in a row that’s itlet me see. DAD what do we do here.

DAD damn son you stink LOLyou just have to match 3 number amounts and that’s what you windid you already scratch 3scratch them all then you haven’t got anything yetlet me see.DAD I got 3 10,000 dollar numbers. DAD hell yeah!!MOM look 1 2 3he`s so happy he`s trying to hide it LOLI’m trying to sell it as much as I can but I cant hold in the laughter LOLMOM you better get me the tickets to go see mexico play front row. .

.. how did you get 3 10,00 dollar numberslook at his face of happiness he cant believe ithow did you do it dad and on the last one too. DAD what should I shootso that’s about 3,300 a piece.

DAD read the back for details.MOM let me see it so I can read were to cash it. LOLDAD Valuable only in your dreams!!!DAD yes?. .

.. LOLMOM that’s what it says. MOM what.

.. . .

DAD so she didn’t win anything.. . .

DAD no.. . .

.?the ticket is fake LOLDAD HUH????its a fake ticket. DAD so they didn’t sell it to you??!!!DAD why didn’t they sell it to you??!!!its a prank ticket. MOM its a prank ticket.

.. . MOM your an ass.

MOM were did you get it at.DAD so that’s why he left me that one so I could scratch it. DAD I ugh. .

.. . .

DAD did you see me get happy at any moment??!!!LOLI saw you get happy.LOLMOM your such a dick. . .

LOLMOM your so ugly.MOM I wanted to go se mexico play in front row. MOM DUMB***. .

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