Fake Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

5th Vlog on my channel!

Hope y’all enjoy!

Like only if you actually like it, if you want, and please don’t understand I appreciate any and all support so much! Thank you!.

it’s your boy all right today is day five of our 365 day journey today is a special day because today pulling off a prank today’s I can just be like a regular vlog like what the fuck I’m doing you know last video was kind of slow my apologies for that I didn’t have much to do that day anyways um but yeah today’s gonna be a prank and it’s gonna be on mine either my mom grandma or dad depends was at the house at the time I come back so lately I’ve been doing scratch offs like I get some scratch offs and like it was like a couple weeks ago I got some scratch offs and I’d be winning money is shit and had a big talk with them and they’re telling me like don’t waste your money on this don’t you start spending money on scratch offs you don’t want to be doing that but I was like you guys know you can win like this there’s chances and I was telling you I’m all the statistics whatever had a big discussion so they don’t want me doing it no more but you know here and there I get one and whatnot so basically I’m gonna go to spencers in the mall and they have these fake lottery scratch off tickets so I’m gonna bring it back to the house need some real ones to like mix it up I don’t know if I might get some realize the defense how like real they look how believable they are because I don’t know if my parents are gonna believe them that’s like the scariest part of this whole prank video is that I hope I hope it goes as planned like they don’t notice so I’m gonna go get some of those go to the mall get some of those lottery tickets and I’m gonna come back to the crib I gonna open them up and see what the fuck happened you know I’m saying so uh let’s go fucking let’s go to the mall right now and let’s buy some see you there what’s up guys so back at the mall invite a lot of tickets where I Spencer’s so let’s get it by the way this is the weirdest fucking story I’ve ever been in mine all right guys I please me no man would you like to join in too busy community as I thank you so much takes around hey all right guys we got two big lottery tickets Talia it’s a weird story I like glow in the dark dildos that shit is fucking weird hopefully no one’s home so you like set up the camera and stuff so my mom comes you know right all right guys let’s see this shit works out all right fit alright guys so my mom’s not home yet here’s my dad or anybody to do the prank on so but my boys bring Ryan come over so we can play some show on to basketball hey hey shirts Redskin so you know you at nigger that’s my boy ryan right there official enjoy smoking on that gas likes to be Oh Cinemax movie Oh Ryan food we never did that Fisher intro for Surrey answer kotero make the bus why don’t kill that but that what is that hey guys basically you want to whoever loses any however those what’s happening drive such a polite however loses Josh’s Paul a in the sushi right and also one else sushi okay let’s get it in it yeah that’s gay Jesse run it back breath you hi basic I wasn’t gonna get it okay we fucking want as right hi guys let’s get aboard the pricing to come real soon I’m hoping my pants are home let’s go check off see ya alright guys so my dad and mom are home and I get my mom she’s in her room for watching or like TV shows so this is what I’m gonna do so I’m gonna say I’m gonna say I was vlogging and I scratched this is a real one I want to say I was vlogging and I was scratching this one off I only want a dollar then I’m gonna say just you scratch this one off with me maybe give me a good luck for the camera and stuff so let’s go let’s go do this guy like my heart’s racing I feel really bad mia madre mia madre hey all right so i was logging cuz i got i got some lottery tickets so I guess I’m logic is but I told them how like how your spiritual powers so it’s it’s good just hold it just hold it just keep like that you scratch it off one like this so i was using i was using this is scratched off i want a dollar okay should i scratch it off right this one says max to be like a mouse with them came up alright got ten thousand metric yeah okay 50 oh my fucking god mom mom on my reading this right nor am I reading this right what the fuck mom says you did you’re lying hit it you’re lying is it I use my powers I did I use my phone I’m serious you’re lying no you agree I want a reason for keeping green I get half okay I get 50 you is not for me 10,000 all go away now yes Troy are you fighting no I just use my powers no he can’t do me at that I changing look guys I’m fucking shaking boys took my hands look my hand Santa do you know what’s my power you know what’s my power love pure of lobby okay come get it don’t get oh don’t get it I just didn’t count there’s no fucking way yes yes let me see what my guesses beautiful you want there’s no way you’re in love pure love that’s the part that my room is right nas it all da ya da sure honest reason subject early there’s no way I think what I grain sure he did says mastery like a moms with that at all no no not do you want that thousand dollars right now oh yeah where are you one likes a bow my mother is that real it is real you said da mile up no no serious dad that’s totally not war abyss away is that an eye on the spiritual powers i started praying for him i gave him all the luck that is he scratched off a little cash system then there’s no fucking way let me see that oh yeah is this a legitimate you’re not playing with you got it scratch off short ideas your back Shifu gotta come in a normal clicks no its final constantly yeah boy that sure was nice and it usually flawless it better you should apply again isn’t it wonderful five dogs 25 do you believe now hi dad and it’s the believe do you believe can’t come give me traps again I’ll get the hottest water please you know oh by the way it’s on video what we just did yeah late what that they’ve had a birthday you’re so powerful than the time it’s not ready I think dad might wanna say shit vulnerable dr.policy I mean I wish I the same read what is his life it says this ticket for entertainment purposes only we talked about yeah thanks for being a good support me see that for me also 14 0 in 10,000 let me see that the head and the other bar how do you the bar see supra bellagio’s to live what the fuck so this is real then what do you mean street of course it’s real she just bought it yes let’s go claim it you want to go kill any good again now I go see if it did yep i’m down nine publix you have to take it too yeah I know but then they they’ll tell you what to do on college what Rafi about Jimmy Jimmy she the army by the way as come down on me oh my god let me go check on publix nothing else okay kick hey Duffy I take my bag on which karappa Carla hey take a missile over there hey thank God the river to mothers are so damned essay though listen to me don’t you say anything how did a cob are done socially probably thank you God for everything i love just do it thank you guys oh honey I’m so excited I’m going to circle I son in his halo I tell me to say Jonathan yeah yeah something ok it’s real why are you playing a joke on us yeah I’m telling you I saw ankles on that I feel so bad I guess over I feel so bad you understand your session I so bad can you leave my virus that’s crazy well I feel so bad i imagine i feel so bad guys I feel so bad no way I feel so bad like I mom that’s why I was shaking cuz I felt so bad guys I just pranked my fucking mom and my whole family what you up to say I have to say don’t ever do that again sigh oh my god I’m so sorry oh oh oh god oh my god alright guys so that was nice you like that right I was good all right you guys liked that video give it a thumbs up comment subscribe please subscribe it helps anyways we fucking got him guys thank you thank you for watching hope you enjoy peace out. .

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