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lottery prank

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okay we’re gonna win w/o hundred pipeline I think that yeah I got it back three numbers a little different let me distract him with a bloke Oh probably I don’t know scratch the fuck out of it though somebody does ma’am oh yeah holy shit what you guys won ten thousand fucking dollars thank you three ten thousands match you know you’re in for unions book two thousand two thousand ten thousand know what you gonna do yeah you’re gonna take it kazoo just wanted two grand y’all ain’t no way to do just one team granted he agrees but he playing y’all fighting me 40 grand gang gang on it is digitech splutters we win 10 grand he just won 10 grand in thousand dollars if you watch the entire he just wanted T grand being grin how happy are you right now with you owned by a lamb bone I’m about whatever I came in it’s going to buy a lambo what you gonna buy a ring got to grandmas gonna buy you don’t buy a ring goodbye ring by 10 grand weird stuff huh anyway you would see green boy what you gonna do with it Tina errand boys 110 your hands why did you read the back of it see what the back of it says can you read it out loud where you space affinity what’s the address just read reading the address just won 10 grand hey Katie Reed they brought a few i like that video don’t forget to subscribe hit the like button follow me only ghost no snapchatted crazy d for me it’s grandma crazy.


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