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lottery prank



good morning what is going on guys yo I always find myself starting my blogs in the house so today we’re gonna stir cheeto part much better I don’t know where I’m at land around here we got like cars right here we have floating cameras I don’t know what today’s be there’s gonna be a banger guys so today we’re actually be doing a prank video so this is class cool he’s always my lottery ticket right and for some reason he’s always winning so I ordered Amazon tickets they’re literally fake and it’s 5,000 he’s in school right now and we have to wait for him like an hour so when he comes out and come pick him up and then we’re gonna see if this lottery ticket prank comes out yeah so fuck it was never recording what ck so after the meanwhile I think we’re gonna go tomorrow right now I’m gonna spend a hundred rags because you know I don’t have a girlfriend you know I need something to spend my money on you know okuni I have two five thousands let’s see if this is a lucky number are we doing the dirty work right here change of plans win a supreme stuff how do you get Oh think I’m a silly hey it’s all about the money right so we buying lottery tickets for you book that today for the Walmart you know and after we know opened up take hello oh shit I didn’t see you there yo what’s up alright so we’ve been looking Sevilla we’re looking for sure it’s like so long but we haven’t found anything but I think I’m gonna go ahead and copy this one I don’t know me hey $1,000 so he can see the prank obviously fell he caught on to right away but our friend of the bank wasn’t even paying attention to what we’re doing his unbusy on his phone I don’t know whatever so we actually decided to continue the prank on him and what you’re about to see is possibly success cool good job Nico let’s go to the liquor enjoy saying like oh oh cause it’s like 10,000 rads they don’t really have that shit way but those were like we’re gonna keep it as they give you like my debit card oh hi I thought I bought this earlier and I just want to check about not even dissing right all our team name Italian see did you get these from the other one you didn’t have enter some data sell it day one hi so we made it back and I actually got some box right there I didn’t even know I got some boxes bro but we got that which it’s not mine so I’m not gonna open it what’s mine but it’s not for me yeah all right what if I mention them writers which doesn’t matter this is what just came I don’t know what it is it could be a sponsorship it could be somebody sending me stuff you sponsor them I have no idea it could be closed up and it’s it’s it’s closed yeah well hope you guys enjoy today’s video share with all your friends our guys did enjoy my show double I subscribing to your channel don’t care unless you guys smart people not tomorrow but I mean maybe in a couple of months but I would shit.


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