Fake Lottery Prank!!! Video

lottery prank

We hope you enjoy our journey together. papi_

what’s up guys we’re back so today we’re going to do a prank not on each other this time well not me on hurt but one of our friends so you just went to spencers and got cake lotto tickets so one of our friends is going to get one of these figured we’re going to get real ones to make it look legit but she’s gonna get this ticket she’s going to scratch it all up and see that she won ten thousand dollars so she’ll be pretty excited and he doesn’t even know its face so hopefully my competition false friend doesn’t like you know hey I don’t think so good stay tuned it’s gonna be really funny yeah let’s get to it guys we got the tickets our dreams are about to come true delivery those high with these big lottery tickets wait you see which one do i want i want in five I want the 5000 yeah I want to give me some pots out an hour mm hmm I see one we both can say the same as you take this knowledge into place is probably no no why I want me I won’t work myself well who said yeah I want to win five thousand stop look Cindy down all right let’s go there’s no guys we owe to see how dare you to okay oh wait destiny are you doing homework oh we have something good for you guys in you guys you guys get like super bored yeah okay this one’s for you thank you diesel like I went up to did 500 oh please are you honey let me scratch 10 can you scratch mine go first okay okay are you going let’s go yeah yeah let’s go damn dandy was kind of feeling my grandfather he changes no my dad he places all the time he was a hundred all those all the time so all the time like without a feel I got nothing damn i thought i was lucky why we got like the same holders follow everybody went through all of it oh we did a lot more over someone are we saving though you did what are the same match three like a mouse tiffany 1000 I don’t know wait what no this can’t be ruin wait we wait his time to boil did not send up last three like amounts win that amount tent up that’s crazy that’s crazy you know we gotta go to free up no is he are you serious anal you know what this says yes it going Nick let’s go I’m taking oh hell no now on oh no no no no no no what here we out we out the Knicks not it kick wait why did I give you this one baby sit back are you serious okay you gotta break your name on rush minutes hahaha write my name on it let’s go dance on were you serious nah you know I don’t know come on come on come on come on come on come on this can be written you can’t be ruining oh we’re here guys I plane is money real quick let’s get it it’s on your name yo this can be ruined nigga know my government not to look at your name doesn’t mean Oh yes and that’s not here for me yeah I didn’t know it dude getting win what when did you buy he’s been where did you buy it here it’s not here that’s not we are not thank you sir here’s all those other ones do right we’ve all open to other one kills you watch the 37 38 39 40 not this one I know that much that’s not from here I didn’t ruin your life there’s my beliefs along the back oh ok not real guys not real it’s imperfect hahahahaha getting really give you know what the trip back better.


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