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what a beauty babies welcome back to our channel if you’re not a beauty baby it then what the hell are you waiting for hit that subscribe button and while you’re hitting that subscribe button also hit that little gray bell at the bottom right there so you never miss another one of our videos sorry I look a little rough you guys I just got off work so I just decided it’s like a perfect time to prank baby since I’ve been literally gone the entire day now I’m gonna go in the house and I’m set up some cameras hopefully she’s doing something that takes her attention off of me for like two seconds and we get this thing rolling I went to the store and bought fake lottery tickets so hopefully she doesn’t keep reading to see that they’re fake hopefully you should just see that she won and I get a reaction out of her so we’ve been like grinding and saving so that this will be like the saving grace right now but it’s a prank so I hope it goes well wish me I don’t think it’s gonna go wrong because we’ve like had conversations about this like hopefully she doesn’t like I don’t know get upset that it’s fake that I would prank her like this because we are trying to save so yeah I’m kind of scared she knows I just got off work so i’ma just tell her that I stopped by the gas station and picked up some letter tickets and we’ll see how it goes you guys see me are you guys she’s in the shower so I’m gonna go set up the camera full of hatha yoga how good was your feeling nikka we find when something again how many good when you feel you’ve got me I’m shitty enough at that I’ll cover armpit one that we never will I’m gonna scratch it on work to do over here match any three amount to win with a bhaji or crack addict let me scratch on operator how’s it look in something like this little match any three mountain baby here baby you can sketches on I’m going to sketch out what happened they totally shit hey know let me know let you know let me know let me know no no no no now don’t fucking hooter what the fuck did you just do is the prank prank it’s a layup need to be that she’s really calm about this okay woo what is he talking about good take it now no way it’s real no we’re gonna take this shit baby it’s not Leo I got at a picnic we got to collect you crazy you crazy we bout to collect on the ends you like to collect dedicate that’s a long time right now you fucking know don’t touch the card I’m gonna take this back up and I’m out it’s not so you won’t leave me up a fake ticket and you’ve notionally back for them take this up whereas tonight I’m going to take that shit up it’s not real it’s real names I can play naked man can make a splash off a good chicken maybe no I’m not man sometimes I use my weed it is real I’m collecting and I’m out bro you cannot blame you don’t touch me nigga call me I’m leaving it up pretty cool app it’s not that weird what do you want what do you want baby yeah well I’m entertaining right now first of all watch right now it’s a nasty girl so you tell me you tell me this ticket at you Paul okay from the gas station is a big lorry take you wherever you go leave me wouldn’t talk about even collecting why are you leaving me then I go I’m collecting they go without me why don’t we say we are together and we party and I went by the way we would split it we shall we leave in each other that’s what we say in love baby I’m gonna fucking collect they’re not it’s not real Bertha okay nigga it’s not real as a plane yes it is that’s your fault all right no damn friggin don’t play you’ll need to get let me show you why would I when I show three cheeky let me show you this fake why would I show you team baby are you really gonna leave me over damn tikka tikka laughs damn you Margie you play as you know that new buy that another bar even Harper baby it is so much that I think I got always talked about I’m trying everything I was puffed up we talked about this when we first got yourself is not playing barking oh man I’m winking with your ass stop it you talk much Tuffy you just open easy great baby you just going to be great oh my fucking great nigga why you fucking Jamie you think it’s fucking really diggin it is really looking real what did you even say in British it’s real I should resume the same fun bring it reap all the cards come in come here you little Nini I want to tell you something but I pray to you that I learned the back the back sent for entertainment purposes he says his biggest letters right here for entertainment purpose and English for I read that shit no was I not fucking excited but my heart was going to drop where so where’s your camera where so you use the i.Phones how many cameras resilient oven do not want yeah there’s money like it where yeah I got excited yeah you know how we play a lot of it is right here as I was telling him to put a lottery says shit y’all what’s up hey guys yeah we knew she thought she got me but she didn’t I would tell you I had to leave put him five g’s back with y’all she’s gonna get hit Channel five five thousand five a beer sauce but why should work and clearly anyway you guys we love you guys so much I love y’all so much y’all don’t look a hot mess I worked fuckin 11 hours two motherfucking day yeah bitch give me some prank ideas for teaching don’t give a nebari when you’re holding the camera loves you baby oh my god it be t she does not believe me that is a prank right now right like Oh G my heart started be a fact that I was a joke because we always put a scratch on me tonight why when I told them I told them we’d like grinding this stuff so this would be a good y’all with yeah anyone that 5g oh my god that was so heavy Sam right now my bed they say when afraid wanna fight me today you want to fight me all right you guys I’m not afraid we’ll start again prego and start back in Vienna prequel is it yeah you guys that but thank you guys so much for watching hello happy December if you don’t see it we love ya we’re going backward another one please. .

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