Fake Lottery Prank On Parents!! ( I Felt Bad) Video

lottery prank


somebody’s going on guys careless I’m sure back in the flesh and today is going to be different cuz today I’m be doing a prank on my mom and dad I don’t know yeah I’m trying to see which one would react the craziest and I think it’s my mom so I might do it on her she doesn’t really play lottery but like I’m the same mom I got you a lottery ticket I don’t know I feel good about this one like I feel like you’re gonna win well blah or like my dad plays like sometimes when he hears like it’s gonna be a million dollars if you win and blah blah blah stuff like that but I must say that the guy was giving it for like a good deal and I took it so here are the tickets these like I got it from the store they’re all winning tickets so no matter what I’m just gonna give her the 10,000 won so because they figure for all these and they’re all winning she’s gonna be like oh this is shake so I’m gonna just give her one winning ticket one winning ticket and then we’ll go from there I’ll put the camera up somewhere so you guys can see the reaction so that’s emulate yeah you know ten thousand match three like amounts hella make them Oh hazel no Ilana match three right yeah Morgana came up I don’t know where do something real yeah Karina got it so wait if you have three yes now I would scratch any now I know believe me confirm me know your head yeah the same training side when you open now ya know she’s a winner so what did you clean that Danny we’re rich where you going yeah yeah you know yeah right you wish you were gonna take all of it and save I live is what this is free right that’s a whole new outfit I know what cuz I thought the thing no yes I did you said it was gonna blow up yeah I felt they ya dummies please please please I know I got you mm hmm and I’ve definitely got dad you know I got you right exactly I got you real good I got you to know for the whole family it’s a happy ending at the killer instinct you.


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