Fake Lottery Prank On Kids! | She Cried Video

lottery prank

We told the kids that we won the lottery. Stay tuned to find out how they reacted!

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what’s up y’all so we about to prank the kids we’re gonna tell them that we want like ten million dollars in the lottery we do play the lottery every time on the end so he had an old nightly ticket he found an app and you can actually tighten a lottery numbers ens on the ticket that you have to make it look more realistic let’s go hi this camera look at the second twenty four twenty five twenty nine forty five sixty seventy three twenty four twenty five twenty nine forty five sixty seven thirty Bravo what is the camera I was I was like there’s also praise yeah I remember this was a popular price before a while ago yeah see oh oh well you can’t bring we can’t prank them y’all honoree ticket is the old lettering ticket from back in August right first like your so he typed in me did you actually did you put in my mouth or they oh yeah I’ll put in on my baby like 400 million dedicated that’s gonna be all over to news they be looking for that person no we’re not but then they are getting here so you see the second line that’s what he uh it don’t matter they Chris Jane he didn’t even eat someone’s I’m gonna frame I wasn’t and write them y’all I was on I find a camera when he was like 30 for me and outside yeah yeah she started where it is around we can’t we can’t we can’t right they’ve been watching Frank since what boyfriend versus girlfriend that’s mom that’s been some years so they already know this the souls pretty his dad it was like a yeah yeah that’s why I like doing pranks on I thought we was rich yeah what why are you crying we tried we tried sorry y’all it was a big ol fail my kids watched too many pregnant videos tomorrow man Cleveland is gonna do a cook off so stick around for that and we have many many other family videos that we’re gonna do we still want to try to prank the kids every prank can’t be a fail so we’re getting one time y’all so if you’re not subscribed please subscribe to this channel and turn on your notifications so you will be alerted when we post a new video even though it was a fail and you still liked the video please give it a thumbs up we’ll see y’all in the next one.


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