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what it is being squad as your boy Billy being I’m back with another prank and today are we pulling off the lottery fake lottery print I got this idea from Nate and Ashley I love the reaction by the way a make got her really good um so I’m trying it on Avani so I just want to get her reaction see how you know how she reacts or whatever I told her I was gonna go to a gas station and put some gas in her car and i’ma just act like I brought these from the gas station and just play you for me and let’s see I’m about to walk inside now and get her reaction I’ve been set up the camera in the room it’s been recording while I was gone and hopefully it’s not dead sister okay drink there’s no song dissing Gigi are you thinking about it happy emotion song if you don’t got I think the I Tunes not going Thanks think of that he got a quarter from their thing some are just called this from the gas station why are we so yummy stuff oh yeah just they just lit it I seen this guy in the clown it just like hey you can win 50,000 just others for six dollars maybe this one has a Dyson feel like I could get lucky for me tell you exactly I will take one right here fifty thousand twenty thousand dollar doesn’t get in money right people don’t win these shoes like that you can’t win five bucks you spot six news all right didn’t it people know any shit your mother so she you turn this here in tear that with the clinical depression is a really deep rewarded waiting on treaty is mounting in place retro it’s on there you go origami monkey brother if you don’t train into own or she open your in here don’t turn into the Zola’s please that’s fine bullet other lives that’s when we click clips they are there let’s look shit these things don’t really work like one with the clown that’s the first one on the train mother them shits don’t work though it was something good other at a gas station telling me he values you go what you doing there huh it was something that I guess I should tell me you tell me you owe me telling me listen doc telling me Oh gdm with my body but in no scratch oh shit yes sir uh uh I said bring you a little buy a book and research off a black sea like a mom and wind snapchat you don’t mission this is ridiculous they use oh boy like in their schedules I feel it today yeah all right three this is supposed to be in a row or patience get Lucy women did you see ready let me let me let me figure it out you don’t you never read the instructions cuz II know this is look match three like come on match three like a mom and window I have three you fucking Wow this is not real those shits you don’t win bullshit kit we okay over there oh my god that’s fucking $50,000 you fucking serious I know yeah I don’t know what this for for right now I keep thinking after it has to be in a row dome top I don’t think it has to be normal listen English oh my god I don’t think people can actually win those love so that’s not the kind of those fucking to talk about he might scratch on the vine but you see you warm on King you want yeah let’s see it Lucy it what the fuck you know no let me just see it you know I have to work any I needed anyway the other tool and then you’re gonna see look at it I want to look at the fuck is it the only one home on see I want fifty thousand no see oh you messed it up call mr.doe you posted match three you scratched everything you scratch every fucking thing why you scratch everything you’re not posed to scratch everything be how I’m not supposed to stretch there it has mastery you got one two three four five six you could have scratch 1 2 3 kid and you want $50,000 but you expect anything not equal to register they don’t like nine you scratch everything you lost damn you ooh you could have won this and I excited from the end so tantum is like that Mestre yeah you got much oh that’s all I’m saying we watch it well no that’s it I’m lon I’m gonna go back mix parity shot go back I guess Mitchie watch out my gas station got 50,000 I’m all they got me pay virtually you got a specially retired shit that’s what I’m marketing this one’s 25,000 she damn all right just leave them after yes mm ah look G shit up you’re lucky today G shit today’s one day my look babe look same thing oh this is 70 fuck of it other dollar give me wait hey hey me like that oh my god geez shit Kim oh my god not it this is similitude on the room I thought I always thought you know people who can’t even these shoes G shit like this one doesn’t matter what my dad I’m satisfied with this right here so that fog that wasn’t already don’t touch two four six I’m looking at a cost why I guess everybody’s hung my hands sure oh my god don’t tell me Seiji time being at the back room siggy gee wait grandma ah day my faith yeah you don’t touch all right wait you know they say don’t touch kids is art is 100 K for me I I’m just trying to tell you before we do before we do anything this is what we gotta think you mean we shut up we got a stick smart doll though you have a fucking smart but would you get understanding don’t wait do not think irrational don’t think stupid spin up shit I’m not gonna spin weird book when I get your Weibo and oh boy all these if you want to do inside it right now that’s looking I love your fucking pills ontology and what exactly what I want to do is it how I want me to get the whole food on your key if I’m gonna be texting up are you give me 70 cake will text isn’t or dilution Oh to me I’m a sign I’m sorry I’m good you you still owe me money fuck I’m the I didn’t get my money back for the purses that you brought me get my prize and that’s not that you don’t get that back okay but you only that bad alright I’ll give you two percent what’s two percent understanding fine set it up 1400 everybody I don’t know that’s 1,000 in khaki or some more than 1400 this is your C 2 percent out of home 70k 2 percent okay that’s you ungrateful dog that’s two trades two percent lose you serious listen Brooke God it moves me out there show you that there are you talking about I wouldn’t give you know down 2 percent my mom winning two percent you give me some are you doing at two percent Battambang I’m Vince Vince I must winning this or no Vince alright he’s like hey guys that’s alright Christmassy 1,400 you Bourbon that’s why I said 14 you got me that’s to a percentage you know how much you know magician you could do with that I mean oh man ok me money that’s right alright tell me what you’re talking about now but you’re gonna talk about home what do you mean I might be nothing but why are you trying you until per second fuck is that that’s two trades to pursue your day that means I’m work to universe to do true what money has to do alone what money have to do it love how much personal money how much how much okay if you want to volume of you 2% that’s on saying you saw something just have to tell your mom that you’ve got $100 we’ll make it give him everything hey this may be seen no no no Theory there is tearing I’ll help you a million in five years it’s not really a hundred I’ll fine I mean we can get that kidding out Terry came clear we’re just go back over there is real I go back to what you are doing I’m about to go cash out you get out why you have to go your shoes my son what are you going on about some to be party go ahead look yellow that place are we happy now our party took the last street that they are linear I know you come on you go by itself I got to a gas station I’m straight there were no gas station I want to come on you’re not gonna call me I can’t show you connect you serious you serious are you sorry you know how much you want how much you gotta get 25,000 feet what I mean you got your fortune on you how can you assign it to me for art I’m taking time so you can say hey this is no I’m gonna vest knuckle sit in a bank and Doug I’m invested for him I’m invested for him alright no I’m the only one getting up doing that cooking how you give him up those money is in you how’d you get it 30% you just give me to thank you daddy you give me hug I love you man you’re selfish thank you sir the machine no you probably own that shit it is for real final kiss for house is like Oh No look at my fool of the casino I got til there’s a print now cuz she went to go get my mom no it is a prank yeah is a drink yo say okay that’s some sheisty ass shit that would be some sheisty I shake out you ready to come in here and curse the hell out of you get my like y’all you’re already trying to get 2% that’s what I’m worth to you to two measly percents Wow alright but all right I’m mad kinda that she was not gonna take me to you like we won’t take me to the spot sucker by my own yo L don’t wish I see where you got this hey guys I got good I’ll I got her good it was nice and super print it was a nice and simple print gotta as good though yup I was knit believes I can stingy kid yeah I beam squad are you guys like my video don’t forget to Like and subscribe to follow our social follow our social media is very active on there and into the next video deuces mmm yeah good luck go hang on me in the comments me better today you better a hashtag you better try. .

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