Fake Lottery Prank On Girlfriend Fail Video

lottery prank

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well folks is time to kick it old school what’s up you two elves nation it’s your boy JFS and I’m here to prank my girl today we’re gonna do the fake lottery prank on her today every day I get off work I go get her some larger tickets and she scratches on them off and relax all right we win a couple bucks in there but today we win a big baby I got $10,000 right here yes sir yes sir and we’re gonna win big and I mean so big we have a smile we kick it around we’re gonna do the booty doing their thing big but if you like this prank I won’t try to give me some thumbs up if you don’t like give me a thumbs down comment below I want you to share subscribe if you want to and like I say we too blessed to be stressed baby now let’s get it and let’s go baby hold on to it all right how’s this one here at the store and we’re about to present some flower tickets and let’s see what happens we’re gonna purchase us some lottery tickets let me give to 26s and i 26 I’m sorry 36 36 yeah let me give for 40 tubes how much on the attitude 14 let me get 338 and 337 big money big money we wouldn’t be today y’all pay attention hold on I’m telling you it’s gonna be epic just when it is $20 $20 appreciate it all right all right family we got the lottery tickets the upside down but we are about to and barking a crazy epic prank yo I know she’s would be so excited she hit that that $10,000 she’s gonna go crazy so let’s stay tuned for this this point hello hands nation hello you my prank failed bad what happened was I was recording and I guess time on the camera bumpin but it did not recall at the prank so I got up I didn’t get like I got the end of it you just see it on the prank on the end of the video but do you remember at the beginning of my video I showed you how much I should spent all the tickets these two ticularly by their self is a hundred and ten dollars so I actually came I thought I was pranking well that’s came up and those two tickets are the realities that I’m purchase they’re not a fake ticket that a real tickets I actually wanna gin tanami and I only spent $3 so that’s kind of easy hey Franklin I’m gonna tell so uh I guess I can say um this is a big field and to Nick sound my mole yeah ask my what to see this is my mole on my face but my ask about it buddy this is some old it’ll go away in a few months but right right yo I got a good got you I’m from the mall for them all tables Flynn oh I got a good got a good people don’t good pray always like yep I got a good buy you all come on we see good.


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