Fake Lottery Prank On Crazy Brother !!! Video

lottery prank

Hello everyone! Today is my “CRAZY BROTHER” birthday!!! I thought it would be real funny to purchase him some lottery tickets, not just any lottery tickets, but some FAKE LOTTERY TICKETS!!! I not only prank him, but my mom also! This was hilarious! Hope you guys and gals enjoy this prank as much as I did! Please watch all the way through and don’t forget to like, and share!!!!.

I got you something your birthday I’m gonna let you choose what go get my pocket what time yeah Oh what so ya know yesterday I was real earlier like I got some karmic Sandow but today I lose you know look pretty decent a day Oh ain’t nobody told you to do name oh oh and it might be the other one it’s you I’m see here grab this you see which one I want first you should give and I’m keeping the $10,000 just in case I win he’s Michael oh yeah it’s the birthday what do you got this to the cam birthday boy repeat brother nationwide listen to me Oh y’all hear me I don’t care if y’all English thank you I want some damn one right like motherfucking Donald Trump and Obama are the rest on that bender White House and so on and so on and gonna be so on I want that shit keeping your own can can I have like y’all ready nationwide can I have it nationwide choose the winning ticket boy the winning boy you better concentrate boy the window to win the tikis you want me to pick it for you okay and get to when I keep which toes we sued in a soda can whoo that is the casino cash I want my tickets Bay if he hit you if you want to sketch it up scratch it all million dollars 5,000 matter of fact fine match 3 amounts oh let me see let him see what on I want my tickets back I want my ticket bedroom okay trail let me see let me see let me see trail dope no don’t forget take nobody else hand let me see come on why you Carson to mama right now I’m just saying $50,000 sure let me see I want my ticket bed I want my money bitch we had an agreement yeah well my day I’m taking any suppose oh hell no trick you might take your bed you wanna get a tray try them on my ticket Bay Trail not please no ringing I got you ran all right 3 amounts to win okay that’s 83 matter who wrote the $5,000 he was another 5,000 to this one now I got $10,000 let me tell you I wear my mom watch this wanna know how much XP no mom man that’s messed up they won’t even give me the I paid for it wait here boy I want my damn take his bed I’ll just hit pay cash see garlic get he’s so wonderful $10,000 would you I’m so broke yeah when I get to heaven I can’t wait to time ago that’s waiting for me yeah and everybody on the other side I’m talking about Hey but check me out though hey Robin Williams I love you baby I know him thank you why hey everybody other side thank you smoked OE sticky nozman it was a dollar piece Oh dog you could have been $10,000 richer but you gave it to his birthday that’s messed up yo Johnny won’t even get ready tickets babe then what did we give me the tickets bet yo you know what we get for this again who would give for the ticket would you are the tickets back the would you I thank night first time in my life because I’m true I mean thank you oh wait bees wouldn’t do another $10,000 scratch two other ones you smiling you smiling you think it’s funny but I bitch I had the last laugh I’ll bet you would we’re gonna have the last laugh you want to know why work out good tt Mod Squad baby we got him it’s his birthday he thought he won about $30,000 but it didn’t how you feel how are you you still love me you still love me try oh he read it y’all okay y’all yo why you man yeah yeah now you know they face let me tell you how all right Regan let me tell you how I knew first of all whatever he thought it was real he thought was real y’all we got him on his birthday all right y’all catch y’all on the next one.


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