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even chocolate Elizabeth sent in that all this is crisp and Alana’s house a little chocolate for everyone guys the fuck you sent fan mail on sweets and presents and everything to man’s house is incredible so do you know actually I think we should your mail video we show to him here fan mail Susie’s yep the tree today so guys want someone sends the address below Batman’s address send it will check them or my doing today Carly and five that’s Eliot jazz won five hundred thousand only you know server crashes on the design is checkmate we’re going to give it rally up nigga thing for each one the phony what were you Drake is raelia count numbers up leave the check out the door countless did not says not a dog what well meaning area you’re gonna be a millionaire sorry well oh you’re badan let’s just you happen these don’t anybody there is so dreamy a rich and before we do that guys make sure you hit the like button right now get a life on right now down below be down below it smacks like button let’s get on this video just 100 he likes this is publicly like oh yeah man guys all today three ipads gives me go go on i’m seeing some chocolate I gotta serve one another special them this is the best part I’m gonna juggle them and you want one common has a professor of April even our life is you right now subscribe with you either Colonel vacations on all your Twitter I’ve always run and i’ll be your hammies i.Pad Mini is very very soon let me know below what color you want what color do you want cool there’s Stephanie play severe now should map daddy yeah my ring the bell now what you guys need immunity my class today what I mean I guess what I’m one and a half million air robbery and if we stole from margin no no no for three remaining there all the time and guess what make their dicks and well done you that’s what else is Raja together you’re a virgin because your mother money’s me now i think i’ll be doing give up my pad the other problem i’ll be doing giving muscle I’ll be paying pain from and we’ll go get some close ups I in the biosphere as proper car cuz or Matt crowd on the price and integrable our programs only get away from your icky much I’ll buy my helper typewriters rap should I rise upon and I’ll by oldham gangbang what do you got worried what are you doing on Mars on which Pokemon tree melon you know what I by nominal bed right I’ll pay procedures get this back and when Chet often what okay everyone want yeah stupid you don’t just go and quit your job because you got a bit of money betting money at minimum Oni 1. 5 ml it you said a million times already oh my gosh she moving what good would you mean what you mean I gotta go to work why you again there’s a moon edem you donk Elliott owing money picked read Fifty playboy bunnies running around this mansion in litchi lingerie I need more as rabbit from Cairo series series are two pillows on the gates strange me two dildos like big dick Giles you can afford this sure weird well just go walk up and knock and after buddy else yeah hey Wesley Malaysia necessary jars born 1996 to 2000 sand oh my god why what they found what i call these special Yankee to the politics of the liminal John ice cream and fun people a glass from Japan I’ve got money now so is your plan now it’s on buying everyone family crest will not you text me so do that every 1s present day because you’re a decorator skies with the brokers in the ipad and you’re not getting one what I’m gonna bite gradual it oh this is a joint pipe joint prison you’re something could be like the scenes or something for my god my wonderful time having more plant was it up what’s make bar you bought manner anyway you’re a sneak in the car cuz I Boris may come here baby what dog but Elliott don’t put out don’t be a car as a full we have sleep I’d you can’t ya know you bought like the smaller snake in the world poisonous waste even come from I think I was an Africa there zapping is a rattlesnake great there we go we gotta wrap sling the car get it away from I hate snakes I just hates me hi I don’t want that I was a lot in this course no more money I don’t care I don’t die time to take a gun that’s what you’re an ungrateful little bitch no oh my oh so you can’t cope without again slow yeah oh wait did I can’t you a guide of all just spending all your money in seconds at it then why’d you buy that movie cut all myself anymore it is nothing wrong with the excerpt there is it’s a 1. 2 liter and I want a two liter what else is wrong with it it’s got so many come stains inside that hahahahahahahaha my shag wagon I need a new one yet this is ridiculous just think of all we do if you spend all your money once i’m thinking about as many running got or with it it is time special occasions wow you guys called in some sick think all the lovely guys with fall for the conversation 40,000 core philosophies guns what the heck is crazy if you want a shoutout Misha column right now with hash pipe broke my hubby hack some people away stantial been and edits Ambrose old or you can figure that out first occasion there for something sexy video is that jumper love your videos a surprise that basically always buzzing from your video your occupation Bravo I’d love to own the space race had patched up bro clash the base and coordinate recording company and keep seeing him watching you have me Josh my videos corner oxen you’re coming I watched my videos that sick puppy like so cool puppy like he’s a broker puppy he’s a pop club if you’re a pop for makes you like the video Sebastian Bravo’s 11 videos of you watching for a year now keep on doing what you do enjoy also comic dreamin subscriber special has met several good guys three minute subscribers will be super glue in dildo to Elliot head well what do you guys think about me giving away Ellis four sets of 5 million subscribers yeah I’m going to do it oh I actually will promise you I will give it its Fiesta 5 million subscribers I’m not the plastic because also I do not want the ipad i can really watch hilarious times are not when I’ve had and now I’m not calm this is the last one if you are haha love you guys so much i’m joking CNN today guys you want an ipad then you know you’ve got a like subscribe to those kitchens on you kidding me one stop we can annoys you so what were you gonna well i just say you borrow your car to me oh I told you I boy you can i buy a car you to quit that it make when you’re one half minus a prime is not resonating you know we come on come on and yes brother ki kar kant on it what these are crap on your car so wouldn’t you worry in a box tell you they or this is 20 car it went to come why it is nothing to do it Elliot we got be a problem bad what you mean thing a problem the safe box is empty.


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