Fake Lottery Prank (Gone Wrong) Video

lottery prank

Quick Fake Lottery Prank
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Outro- Kyle feat. Lil Yachty ~ iSpy


let’s do it what is up t work out eh we’re about to prank our friends with the lottery tickets name my bloomin sky and it’s dark outside so maybe dark y’all I don’t know if the other one was posted first but as you might know we’re not very good oh yeah she’s Jewish that’s my fucking neighborhood I need to leave you I’m Jesse and go beat some people do it I’m always the whole year not ever say anything to her she could be good shit that could be my future wife right there I know that’s like the perfect head out to next door like darky shit we can fix that no it was too light I love when the camera does that like it fixed the lighting here oh that what I just said yeah I mean it doesn’t matter I don’t pass that well they probably don’t know I mean they probably assumed I’m trance or something I’m trance the boy oh my god the moment elevator it’s probably eventually really no not here yeah their star description will see me Oh a tree he’s ever so roomy yeah Oh didn’t you know oh shit but the fire off exits why aren’t you why is he doing that it’s not focusing okay Oh you sure they said the truth I said yeah and it relates we’re gonna be back oh there thought there at lying oh no that would be me bitch I thought you’re walking a dog at first when I looked up Jessie yeah we’re Jessie but they can teach us he’s what who’s this camera oh oh I think here about that died Wow oh we got the lotto ticket I was on the phone my mom thank you oh you bought her I didn’t get ya I thought scratch off ticket Ziggy we tried yeah when I 7 eleven to talk about your gambling issue also we have to talk about criminal justice over okay but let me just scratch these okay let a special wolf is lucky it’s no scratch once are you starting scratching this but then how come you easy I mean it won’t change anything it’s like if you get three oh yes by you mmm I got yeah yeah now do you last one there one more last one all right I’ll give you the awesome okay okay so I got 10,000 100,000 wait a minute so Matt like a six match like three rounds and wind down a mount there’s three $10,000 what dude what no 10 sorry look at this it would just be ten thousand goes wait you did not you just won $10 oh yeah you want to see it yo hey yo get which always gets the money though I should have bought it I scratched be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy wait this is match three right hey give it a day a lot eating know it stop fucking read everything no that’s why I was like that was good yah we got hit this I was excited hey did we get you bro the kitchen who me yeah if I win the lottery I probably wouldn’t it o RS running straight to where you post the cash you know I don’t know what I would do I would just like cry and call Molly but we got a hit that subscribe button y’all and follow me on all my social media to follow us did we get some crazy bro did we get you I came from like a poor family oh don’t be making soft stories what we could’ve had him I go into 7 eleven and she damn oh I know he’s playing he’s like appointment no I’m dead as if I won the lottery and it was like his ticket yeah I bought it and even if you scratch it and be like don’t yeah right right Johnny knows hilarious hey y’all hit that subscribe button hit that like button I would have literally been like early addict UT I could turn into my wife wait means forever ever ever.


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