Fake Lottery Prank .. Gone Wrong !!! Video

lottery prank

Hope you guys enjoyed this Prank.

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I so right now in spencer’s and we’re gonna get some fake a lottery tickets we bout to prank my mom so being now I’m in the car I just scratch one cuz we got five so I just scratched one of the lottery tickets so it says when three amounts win that amount so I don’t know if you really could see it but it says 10,000 10,000 10,000 yo she’s about to go crazy she about to go crazy but yeah we got that we got five oh wait no they’re fun different ones gold digger yeah go dig your casino cash lucky shot Oh orders live all year to this this month does my cousin not my cousin but my cousin’s wife so guess my cousin’s wife yeah it cousin you know hello I’m listening right now yeah I’ll meet your heroes so my mom just my mom dead I just called me just now yes now we gotta go get some real lottery tickets though so you got the camera view right here we’re gonna flip the can’t like close it and just throw it in this corner here oh yeah boom wait no comment no all you needed like why you just kinda like this coming I don’t love to kill right now but we got this one is a real card this one’s a real card this one is also a real card and then we got this one which is the fake one ten thousand and then this one which is the fake one I always give it a fake one that was her already a few moments later 18 I got all these good with ammo I let you just show them just gimme you wanna see you on that amount oh then it’s them see you gotta be good you gonna do Cheeta barb honey no this is the bar come on clean the signature son gonna find it when I wanted a 25 25 50 100 thousand sign it or we send it in bring it to bring it to the purchase to Valentin let us bring it to them let’s go bring it to them yeah you should go go to a gas station in your car no that’s we gotta breathe it says breathe it says look on the back you sign it and you send it in and then they and then they listening but you have to bring it to the police that you I work with this stuff you sleep over here these tickets how do these did you come free the stable so we got let’s go let’s go I got you alright guys I hope you guys enjoyed this fucking fuck you I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did go smash that thumbs up button if you didn’t go smash the thumbs up button and make sure you guys stay wavy peace Brian D let’s get it this oh good you know we had something so good Oh.


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