Fake Lottery Prank (D&B Nation) Reaction Video

lottery prank


what’s good job we should play Haitian Steven I am back for another reaction video man this time is D&D nation fake lottery prank on me bones they editin be all contained like I don’t know who doing they see it they see it I want to see how I like his dad though you know just a seem cool too sir so we know you love lottery tickets so we went out and got you song yeah I want to yeah I’m his dad his dad kind of funny side nose dad got you front straightaway if he we end up winning is definitely my birthday today no your birthday today so what you need you need to be a birthday to have to moderate snow I’m surprised you like this you know lottery boy might be an instance when prize and mom show I’ll never have look at these ladders Bob you wanna win you know exactly which ones they are he say with you he said Ernie’s daughter thing what’s that that’s one of those stumbles all about this win three times really then it dollars swallow a $1 three times we see what’s on really it’s a Mc.Chicken six piece of nugget you know me and a small flock up you got you good match ready I think I think don’t think like that just get it these those chase read like when you went over here no but so you know you would think it’s three dollars but this match three like if I got this symbol which is that symbol plus two are you my to do the thing when y’all everybody do the thing all right now y’all might the trick his dad was gonna let me know three of the twenty five over here yeah I got three arrows on there I’ll win cancer wait doubt it again see like I thought master like your mouth get like this one right here is assemble 25 yeah I stretch the rest and I see two more 25 dollar symbols given an amount if I scratch the tip die off the dollars we just scratch one if I scratch that two more times ten thousand dollars oh I’m not to do I see did I prank on my mom but she’ll have a heart attack but I’m not gonna do that one more cut one more blow yeah he’s soo he’s so right now yo I scratched the other one pops scratched the other one box lets go pops somebody smashed it look at that look at that look at that and see a focus on Oda totally it’s not focusing at what a dare go oh we are 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 on my hand before I never heard them on hand before Yeah right what you me University made you whole turn right no give it away okay I’ll take that sent down to the coziness match three like you about to go crazy don’t need to shake it only money mean that’s he gonna be mad as hell at the energy Monaco Oh nah be so lost I bet I bet you won’t forget what you see that tape that’s a five thousand that’s two dollars they’re like you strung like they’ll be breaking him or nothing he did by your car they’re cops yeah this is funny he said we’ve got oh no that’s so messed my $2. 00 and let us get the rest watch remember that movie when my aunt was going on Queens but allow me to copy some candy with Haiti oh so you share with us DJ Kyrie knees for shoes what’s going on so you scratch them off for us it’s a huge difference okay so you can we got the cast when they don’t they don’t give now they don’t get a bad no break like the real thing it says sign already know I’ve been doing this for years you really think he won whistle sing got him look he mother keep on the Chronicle here by the gladiatorial and I think it was it spotless Daisy with this shit pot wasn’t giving puppies giving candy three ala jami’a it was sad both facial game rules yeah we just did we got hmm yeah you want three bucks but you ain’t win that Tony vans now you’re valuing only that much money on new cards what prank video prank is you think we should do on my mom you guys that’s a man alright so what y’all think about that video me pops it looks like props is starving like you mean they making a bread but they ain’t trying to get daddy nothing you know I’m saying but I don’t know but I want to do some shit like that but I can’t do that to my mom burly got you we hate him but we should you know I mean it’s hard life already Birla we I but Maddie she get that nah she’s gonna end up crying oh Jesus Christ oh my goodness you know I’m trying go through all that shit she gonna go crazy a chunk go to all that man but please like comment subscribe show your boy Haitians do you some love baby and I’m out peace. .

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