Fake Break Up Prank! Video

lottery prank

Please watch: “Call of Duty WWll: How to not get shot!! (no glitch)” –~–
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what’s up guys this is better Siddhartha coming at you with something my heroes you already know so today we’re gonna preg Ashley and by me pranky I’m doing to a fake breakup with her oh we get there to her house set up the cameras outside tell her to come outside I we need to talk to her then I’m gonna talk about me like look I’m sorry like it’s better for a ride but I just can’t be with you anymore but i see i love her i can’t leave her she’s my girl but she don’t know that so let’s get to it hmm boy I’m sorry Mary’s are not who I know is whoa I don’t think I wanna be here anymore man Oh hey joking man how do you serve over what do you mean how do I feel about that other fucking my suppose of you you gonna be joking you better be joking like I don’t feel the same for you oh my god okay no no no come here no no that’s it rawr wouldn’t evil I know not I love you Bella is not the same parcel will be better be fucking junkie no way Mara me what do you just go just come yeah I do I can’t fucking believe that why do you mean why I love users okay then this role like why are you gonna come back again like two months later friends here to give frags you try right right she’s crying look how Zeke are y’all here too what’s up guys so you saw here first adventures and Jonathan hope you guys like it she was superb evidence all good we’re good we’re happy hope you guys liked it subscribe share carbon do you think I love you guys thanks for the support keep on watching football let’s get it you.


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