Fake 50K Lottery Prank Gown Horrible Wrong And Heartbroken Video

lottery prank

Fake lotto scratch card prank winning 50k unexpected reaction.

come on Mike is there 500 pounds no one ever expects it to be the big one in it so you see a couple of low ones I know all right the winner all right which bit so what happens then read it out what we have to do on these ranges so find a diamond to win okay obviously yet do decide thank the prime do the price I got it do the price register with the win and see Omni you get is it one diamond right that’s right so that leaves this one you need to get so find it pound bag or if she don’t rub out the prize yet okay clown lost in no nice match three to win all right 50,000 yeah yeah are you fucking jump come on 50,000 no what 50,000 we call them on 50,000 I see this leader surely that’s a 5,000 let me see 9m be 5050 boys suck what and then 500 the problem we have right yeah how do we claim is that your finger usually we share the money how’d you play me how did you find it great we go back so a play could be you must be in a position of the VL scratchcard to claim you guys name what did you say you must be in the possession of a real Scrooge or.


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