Fake $50,000 Lottery Ticket Prank On Little Brother (Epic Reaction) Video

lottery prank

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all right what is going on over you on Frazier of phase K here and welcome back today to a brand new video so earlier today I had a Face.Time call with my brother job as you guys all know him from back at home in London and job is right now is really ill and I had a long conversation with him I hadn’t spoke to him in so long and I miss jobs a bit guys but don’t worry you will see him soon one thing we spoke about was this insanely cringy video that he has he has the on his phone he showed me it and I don’t know why he has never showed me that video before I had never seen this and I can show you guys that maybe Javed said he doesn’t want it to be shown so I don’t know if I’m going to show you guys maybe if you were special like I mean break 10,000 like you know that might convince job is honestly it might not but you never know guys smash you like and you can see this video on our I don’t even know if it send me the full thing honestly but maybe I’ll give it my best shot yeah job it really isn’t up too much right now know if you can see it yourself Thomas molecules that fails what are you being doing you know there’s actually one of my friends here at the house who has not seen any of the cringy snapchats of javis he is called Shawn I’m going to go advise it to you sure sure what I don’t know where he’s gone this house is so big literally sometimes you cannot find people anywhere Shawn he might be in here Shawn what are you Shawn Shawn made you how long I’ve been looking for you sure the only computer god I just had a shave Oh fair enough nice for the video soon as I put that on my heart memory sick let’s go Luca your fucking you’re like Chandi alright guys without here joined with Sean and Charlotte analysis up Sean has never seen any of these snapchats all pranks that I’ve done jobless I have taught the best reactions that I’ve done jobs including him winning fifty thousand pounds Sean really yeah yeah yeah legitimately daily 150 thousand pounds watch okay I didn’t expect to see action again we want if you K yeah he legit 150 K that’s happen yeah so I’m going to show you sure these snapchats first Chatsworth eyes go he’s like we found him America Lee who was that who was that I don’t know bro think he’s got like three girlfriends you got to explain to be a lot more labia yes when you about you go for your no let me of swatches well again so that was the lads Matt get out the load out there I go oh sorry so that you and you know what that means whatever pretty Cringer thought of them is that one that one just gets I don’t know I don’t always report it would you two go oh my god I try to get to where they are they might be like harmless um ya know one arrow that I have a little one a family how do they get in right now I’m going to show you Sean some of the pranks I’ve done a job it’s are the more extreme reactions they’ve given the first one here I’ll pretend to make smooth right I put my hand in a blender and like head fake blood and you thought I’d like chopped nothing’s good okay it’s like sure I have not seen any videos model over a few Akkad’s videos man has had that I’ve not seen any of these I don’t even so it really realized it was making pranks and things like that so this is going to be my general reaction yeah this is actually shorts first time what you cooking right Joe makes a soda get out in the glove box during the last year I just felt it bro that’s nothing a house a shot when they actually got cool yeah shit he just get back from school on you yeah every student I’m right my brother came back from China like we can’t prank him and he never do what I do almost the same thing so the next one I pretended to get mad at my brother and smash against books I pretended that he had stolen like 50 pounds or something from me how much my pretty plain funny I made every day jorinda your ex will run out the window the top here will wonder here 50 pounds I don’t know white there or not there is drop on the in your bag discount no funny prank take on it right fucking you hit the store window there I know I broke my roof right eyelid you broke the room cause frankly not a very handsome a huge focus mark Normand all know you play crying oh my fucking lucky Larry I come on talk about their fucking recording guard look at her remain the bankbook let’s be maker you smashed the roof within my bro like just that they has to actually come and fix the roof who’s me I’m Connie trial fucking fuck my hit there or no it would make you like she’ll run diamonds and yeah oh yeah yes what is that buddy my brother Ziggy’s prank I don’t know if you’ve seen it I’m okay this is the first time I did it yet firstly my job too easy one to fight everybody yes yes unreasonable we have known resourceful how do you better use like a legend then of a close listen ooh yeah I don’t know if this part is yeah eventually walks like a monk in Follies holder oh shit this is back to you because we love yogi a young MC you know your TV evil horror that just jobs because even though they’d lie yeah but everything I should go behind him for that why that even a flaw yeah just slippery with one you watch is like a drive by Jeff sink so you know you do play ecology yes so pretty much my brother was addicted I think black box or black ops 3 and I reset all the staff by user July crime like drive 12 East Asia northern area my problems a bad trip shot of me like he’s actually insane so India traction so you read the reason about malaria set everything right job right job Joey show me my day job time job everybody zoom in huh no does not show that when you’re that young immediately tough yeah she was on a very sporadic ski weekend job so October it was good she was like definitely like a black box anymore yeah you know man wait you know it’s that you lose everything oh shit you have legendary presence my brother the idol remaining there is no letter C once you’ve got to get that money back no technical consi go get a diamond on this one and you can get diamond note the winner oh what a fiber which 450k even joking oh no he doesn’t fly confiscate 150k this table no no no no match for anyone if you don’t do mm bitch doesn’t regard $50 because Vicki doesn’t know weighs like 150 K is 150 K oh it’s just a prank bro no no no no I know fridge that it’s just a prank though wait what do you mean it’s just a prank bro what does that mean just a pro so Nizar move cards no yo good that would how decels no that’s not fair look just go start with Scotia I didn’t matter yeah all right guys what do you like on this video if you did enjoy it you enjoyed that reaction I’m sorry about the light in the cards energy but so the best like we got I had to make it as realistic as I could decide through my brother doing scratch cards in my room it I know you would have fallen for example pranks have done to him you know it’s harder for me now to try and make it like MLS I was the word less just I don’t I don’t call my trying to stage try make it less obvious but I’m pranking pretty much what I’m trying to say and you still win but but yeah I actually wait I think I actually did 105 I actually did win a 500k so you can have that do you want that yeah okay you can have that but yeah guys like a gentleman if you should enjoy it for phase K my brother job is I’ll see you in my video tomorrow light is pretty bright peace everybody. .

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