Fake 250,000 Scratch Card Lottery Prank! Video

lottery prank

In this video we decide to buy Jack a scratch card and reveals to find a 250,000 jackpot. What he doesn’t realize is that it is a fake scratch card. His response was priceless!

by scratchcards now 3g ground for they were stupid I turn down it out what in border one just in case you win you can do it Ruby I’m doing it for salmon roe kind of scratch the bloody in your pocket be off match two symbols to win Game one nod and when I looked in on that one two numbers add up ten win a prize hmm yeah that’s true so fuck off if it if two numbers add up to ten win applause all of you scratch it all off yet can we go now to chop yeah we goes our office go with bang hey Timmy button for one a tenant please do them only I didn’t mind I’ll put it in pocket we’ll catch it yeah that’s it sorry we’re going to you which one I love it see I share that between us what cool we’re going to win I’m going to give you 50 grand a minion researcher and obviously a bunch of grand for me it’s more still over 50 grid I had two numbers add up to 10 well share where I’m fifty grand between us wars are started pretty sure serious what it says in a row is two numbers add up to ten when a prize 8 and 2 equals 10 250 grand you forgot a shot mate thought you threw them about you’re gonna gamble it all the way ID will use also for you add one I think in audition go home but in cracker and Celeste Adele what fucking enjoyed my hundred grand when the nearly noon scratch yours I’m sure haven’t gotten one often numpy alright I got pause it did you be glad I think I won fuck all max ready to win well I know poke it don’t look at this it’s cheap Tiffany pocket that I made it this is the same this is the big night okay but just just you know just keep them down like this it yes frost enough yeah I’m gonna share it with everyone come when we know it’s a winner yep yeah yep what you’re gonna be hi spaces you’re on yes do you have one with that Oh my favorite ramen pretty good when you buy clinical this wasn’t shortly.


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