Fake $10,000 Lottery Ticket Prank On Dad **He Goes To Claim It** Video

lottery prank

I decided to switch it up bit and post a vlog pranking my dad PREVIOUS Video ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS

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I waited all right so we got these fake lottery tickets that I’m going to give to my dad a ticket that I’m gonna get to my dad and make him think that he won $5,000 I don’t know if you guys know this but like these fake lottery tickets basically just whichever one you scratch off you win this one says we can win up to $5,000 so you said that we have to go get gas because we’re driving a car right okay so I’m thinking I get an actual like I get a actual lottery ticket to make it more believable can you imagine it like you get an actual lottery ticket and then you scratch it and you actually win something honestly I would be so shocked alright so we’re gonna do that not lying to him we are lying they oh I hope he doesn’t he’s gonna kill us huh he’s gonna kill me yeah he’s gonna he’s not gonna kill you because you’re not involved I’m cute hopefully they have a scratch up you think they have scratch offs all right well you know the funny story about about me getting lottery tickets is like I’ve never got one like even it even after I turned 18 I’ve never gotten a lottery ticket did you know that yeah you knew that what’s up it’s your girl Maria coming at you from the car oh hello that’s my brother you have a dollar yeah apparently it’s a big catch oh my god I don’t have any cat on I never carry cash and I don’t want to pull out of it the ATM they have like the $5,000 one two like the ones that match this so it’s gonna make it so much easier but I didn’t know that lottery tickets were only $1 was that I try to blow the car away what’s he trying to do like he can’t wait until the car moves oh my yeah honestly lady goes the lady goes are you are you older than 18 I said yes ma’am she goes when you have a little baby face let me see your ID I said okay shudder my ID she goes you do have a baby face what are you gonna do with the lottery ticket she goes I’m gonna prank my dad she goes well don’t break him too hard you no why he’s just standing so stiff like that but I wanted to get a lottery ticket for me my dad to just stretch off I’ve never done it I’ve never actually gotten a lottery ticket before this is X with my first time ever doing him hi this is the lottery ticket guys I grow their finger girl their fingers were winning no take these no please I feel mr.no I still keep adding camera I win I win so if at least having a now so these meals now what do you think a rich Iranian actor war I back to work this is my time alright guys so that’s gonna be the end of today’s vlog hopefully you guys enjoyed it give this video a big old thumbs up make sure to subscribe if you are not yet subscribe and also turn on the notifications to be part of the notification squad and until next time guys peace I just want to say you all I don’t want it to be wrong mirror mirror on the wall who’s the Flies Ahmad I get money when I wanna fuck where is my one maybe you can take it off I’m not nigga with the sauce. .

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