Fake $10,000 Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Katlyn thinks she’s just won from a lotto ticket.

let’s see the ticket let’s see the ticket did she really just win fucky oh my what do you have to say for yourself like giving you money what are you gonna do the money what do you do with the money think about it thank you what do you do I don’t know I Oh God well where do you redeem the money read it where do you will read the rules tell us where you get the money from read it out read it out loud for us read it out loud yeah la justice read out loud guys really is so happy I couldn’t easy let me read it for you it says it says prizes baby redeemed subject to validation by any retailer at a claim center or by mail using a claim form five and ten thousand dollar crisis maybe client mama sauce or by mail the fact that it’s a 77 sitting like a cat yeah you have to get a claim form supplied by the tooth fairy yeah I’m a little bit here send it to Santa Claus p.o. box 777 what book you have to say what do you have to say that’s an awesome ticket I’m sorry are you still happy about your money. .

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