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Million Lottery Prank Extremely Funny Yet Somehow Sad (I Pranked my sister that said nobody could ever get over on her ).

getting the sister on the lottery they’re doing a nickel hey Lisa I get it no promise to the jack polish for I know babe I hear your personal where I want to make sure up somewhere if I pass out oh you bail at 10,000 10,000 I almost had a heart attack ah i think this i think this drug was for like 50 million let me stand somewhere your son of ours oh sure our luck is not that you want a chair chair I went on like friday probably nobody wanted cuz they don’t win it with this low come on man don’t think I’m just saying I don’t care I’m not yet I don’t care I don’t get it right 2 340 6 49 51 Mega Ball 35 sure vs cell princess you would be in a hospital tomorrow if I want right now your ass would be right in there oh nothing but the best huh nothing but the best nothing but the best flaming flaming long did you bangee climbing wall why not alone I been Jonas Blane Merlin’s way he soaks yeah well we just got a whole number that done I know I was there I know you should tell them about a number that to stop everybody from smoking really red Mega Millions oh yeah right okay 11 12 8 11 28 got two of us huh 3341 only 143 and my boss 41 no way Danny what people don’t recognize winners one megamillions one person one person one I’m gonna faint right here do not tell me this what does what does that cart a million dollars we want 50 billion dollars oh my god as I see oh it’s very worried about your line 1128 know where t3 sister come on 41 you played in your life I got a little worried because I don’t do anything gonna but no tournament what’s the numbers one winner Mega Millions right here 1128 3341 4341 no Godey’s tell me that you played s yeah you had to play let me get dizzy Laurie web my sister what do you mean oh my god dizzy library oh yeah okay monday we’re all going up through every time your mom how I have a been saying my hair let me come on you did something to this I know you how would I do so how do make them please crowd I do how can I do something to it I woke up working my whole I want I want I want right now for Christmas I want session 3 million dollars up to your eyes really win that’s what it says sister shit your head and show it against it all right wait or Tennessee Tennessee the 14th remember her name details it is mega player times for that’s only if you fight them off the mega ball what to say to wait what is this a what he said don’t show it on there going on there what do you mean show it on yo you anything something I know you’re all in on it together yeah I told you I want the winner jackpot there you go what I mean I’ll show you well jackpot was here to me oh my god I wasn’t here jackpot was well no don’t show no ass the new jackpot cuz there’s one winner Josephine ideas 55 million dollars I was 55 points something new anything until Monday yes the same time an athena have you ever read the wait till Monday I am worried about all that every really wanna know jeez I want my colony on the hill ha ha ha don’t tell me that we won really gotta tell her oh my god Florida oh I don’t get oh look right there 11 28 33 41 43 of 41 and it came out exactly exactly the same well that’s hot pretzel it always present from the lawn over to the highest supper always where are we going on vacations what I want to know oh my retire retire my vagina or day right now I’ve never sounds unreal yeah she wants to talk to you she wasn’t insurance right oh hey what’s up no no dollar quick pic Disney she bought four tickets or not easy but I bought one you retire now no she just ate your mother playstation 3 games i can get she’s over here parking in her shirt oh my god I know she’s for you believe it we SAT here and pray and pray jumping again help we didn’t help their you want to talk to her hold on she’s excited there yes so you every number came out every single number came out exactly what any one of them and it we’re looking at it everyone came out hello miss you speechless I’m Dana oh yeah you see all of the bones he’ll be here in 20 minutes yes so where was our first family vacation at he’ll never get naughty girl to pay off first oh that’s fine don’t nobody where results are with the fire I don’t care you don’t need to it sound do another Oh what is it how much is it 55 million dollars thousand after they can’t take a chubby boy third buy me some curse I don’t know if you put in a double day I take 1,000,000 oh my god don’t freaking out I’m freaking out this card is good right it looks good to me all right you got announce to the camera what just didn’t hold up hold it up next to your right come on ok ok full name let’s no just first name last initial this is Deborah a a what is my last name i have no clue ah i just want a big mouth Marie do I get a day you sure you do messes up my heart it go come right out yeah i’m just reading the numbers you got local bands crying look at me look at me you’re buying how can anybody climbing temperature we haven’t got dirty and nasty old equipment already went to kick it was sent out they have one winner on it so just have one winner sister if it didn’t say that I would they would be 0 but that’s number of megaman winners jackpot have the only one and what news if you’re splitting it with anyone yeah yeah that’s ball one so else somebody else match Oh or numbers and the mega ball and they get today at 10 grams what about these other number things she cares doesn’t matter leeza though still might be good but I mean but here we don’t even be looking at my card everyone for you everyone what is that bore axis that me that’s if we played a multiplier can you imagine don’t cost you tryna there is no imagine now it’s a reality I’ll make it official resulting you sign the right of the ticket Joe’s entitled to half so you may want okay you’re you’re you’re out the car away right early career I’m kidding those are the right numbers my name some or you can get it over the years I just wait to get up oh my don’t need it I’ll try I can’t get out i want my college kid just any on from the state or selling that morning tickets oh my picture up it’ll be in the paper if you wanted him smile and frame for everywhere yeah I’m one number one down the street crossing kangaroo she’ll be up your buggy ok provide I your multi billion dollar Oh could you call the head I don’t ever number i’m trying to get old Mathena crosshead wow my baby weird like I’m going large far away from me do you want I’ll take the balance big deals worry about them stairs you see ah yeah joe top do it I think you’re doing your sister using a retired will ya town let’s let’s make it uh an island I know I grown island do you believe that me oh I prayed and prayed for me to retirement I just entire bed oh my god I don’t even know who to tell let me I don’t want to tell anybody I just want to strap on my nine and make sure nobody attacks by said I got babies out here let me help you get over on there and tell the Houma oops oh my god bless hop it now no way this is joe here crowing for the number the numbers to verify I don’t know well oh yeah with yourself what they said on the Illinois it was mega millions right yeah you got the numbers on him you ready yeah all right the winning numbers for the Mega Millions was you have it 28 33 Joe run 21 23 at 41 are the numbers for Megan 841 winner oh my dad don’t hurt it there’s no doubt over them Oh finally something good for us.


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