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Grier, chickens, lottery tickets and epic pranks for your enjoyment!

Hayes Grier is headed home to Mooresville, NC to lend a hand on
familys struggling farm and hes documenting it all! The series follows Hayes, the Grier family, Tez, Jordan and the rest of his L.A. crew as they get the family homestead into top “over-the-top”) business-shape. Connect with us and watch more episodes on is your streaming service with brand-new shows, original series, and live sports. Everything you need to watch – always at your fingertips..

okay come on okay get out what is he gonna do the only thing I’ll be sleeping in turn put alright so I guess it’s gonna be alright chickens in there for a long time there’s that be a fantastic article how long will water doodle do if I get prank like this the whole time I’m gonna have a crazy summer that’s just foul so we’re better go get these guys good we got everything we need here you got a frickin air horn hey they’re sitting in that RV right now Dez what was that so bad smells so bad get the smoke alarms off so I mean wow so you guys just try to prank us I think that means me and I like you’re gonna have to come right back out I’m with some crazy you didn’t even go out of react to it chest bump clear this way okay she gave my hair I got one you it got arrested I don’t like that I’m done I don’t like that shit yeah we’re definitely back up in flaming I’m sure I’m not oh then then then then then you really need to get more wood yeah I’ll get some wood Jackson no Jackson Nathan hey Juan do me a favor in the other summer run out of lawn dev oh all right let’s help each other we’re on a farm now just decide what do you mean I’ll be in your as insane well there’s a bad word right God tell me this you want lucky red in the morning with bacon go get go get wood right now I hop and grab some there’s a hole is it cold hearted engage wha Oh Johnny you can’t scare me like that man we just scared the bejesus out of Hazen test and Hayes did exactly what he’s always been taught what happened well I had three pillows with my hand he jumped out and scared me your uh your everybody think it was a lot of freaking monster was coming after me he threw a piece of wood in my face yeah I have have a shiner tomorrow but it was so worth it so Johnny got a pretty good last night right yeah point is we need to get Johnny back whoa we’re gonna try to get Johnny back you know Johnny’s pretty he’s a pretty smart guy you know it’s hard to get with pranks so I think we got something good that he’s not gonna expect at all and uh hopefully it works lottery tickets yeah but I got a classic combo and they win these yes like when you scratch them off like it’s like hesitate already they wanna look oh that’s so much worse than what we did to you guys romain go on my man’s no people anyone yeah worse and I got a god in his face and you guys are kind of trying to crush him oh we’re gonna crush credit card to let him go yeah you guys can man doors go cookies and Rizzo come on waxen yeah so we never really pranked Johnny no we thought like he was like in the pan we’re gonna leave him alone and next thing you know he hopped in on a prank with Jackson so this means war dude you don’t just get away with that so we’re definitely about to get him back with some good stuff and I win something but you going $10,000 Johnny Johnny let me see the card okay so ten deep anyone ten bands bro I swear to god one Johnny three much you’re lighter than I was you win that amount keep my glass oh look John I win $10,000 off this thing you know sit beside you I’m gonna carry you around me everywhere I go I don’t even know what I’d do with 10 grand hey Johnny you might have to give like two away for taxes and shit but there we go you guys on the back of that shit let’s go to the store and get ten grand good day today $10,000 lottery ticket you everybody gets lucky every now and again I guess I haven’t been that lucky but I am today my pranks going amazing so far so I’m very excited about the progress we’re making I’ll share the love today I’m really tracking meetings all day long here’s to the lotto Johnny good hot damn hey next time make it the mega million notes we can dome this sucker off I think you can sell the cash you think you can give me some vouchers whoo yes Cain grain I am one stoplight away from Lynch and grand never want anything I’m so pumped however I got to get bitten something goes up in that pool just because I take a dip and tuck jump in for a second fill in the waters throw these are my only shoulder here but they’re all bears so Autry malady I’m not jumping then getting hot jumping like that I’m going to kick to my back that Davin world okay I’ve got it there right only knock it down we don’t figure what you chumps doing we’re just talking about how your buddy hit this tada alright y’all better be on the swivel if you’re gonna play jokes awesome what you mean you’re gonna be needing eat what album will you close Nick so almost I thought about this one day what could you think about taking and still neat or seeing if you guys want to call it a truce so we can play jokes all summer long if y’all won’t work Johnny what are you talking about Johnny hey yeah boy watery what the watery ten like how many demands a ticket no new homes oh yeah you knew it all along and I think you’re the one to give it to me now oh man alright so you know how much I spent today for y’all to be a minute oh boy thinking I was $10,000 richer oh my legs stop or it didn’t Luke a lot probably hi so is it gonna be truce we can do this all summer long we’re leaving now we’re saying I’ll burn these clothes I’ll burn is ticket if you called the troops I’ll burn the ticket Brown sir you all right that’s the trees got it absolutely there you go that’s the truth truce look at me now both of you all right no more jugs because I’m gonna tell you what y’all would not have one I promise you all summer long yeah all right hey just get out of here dude.


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