Epic Lottery Ticket Prank On Old Man!! (He Thinks He Won) [Coginc] Video

lottery prank

FINALLY COG INC IS BACK WITH A PRANK! This prank is super funny, the man thinks he actually won brother and his wife were in on this so we pranked my dad with a fake Lottery Ticket making him think he won I never thought i would get a reaction like this from my dad and Happy pranks would be uploaded on my second channel but it hasn’t been doing as great as this channel so i decided to show the world what i was up to on 2014 here just to see how many views and likes i could possibly get and to compare the view difference of my pranks between this and my second channel!

Please help this video go viral and share it with your friends and we can do some collaborations in the future? Also, give this video a like and to Cog Inc if you are new!

Interact with me on these – @JaredLoredo OR @Th3CoG – JaredLoredo OR @Th3CoG – MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO IS ALL ROYALTY all the Cog troops out there: I love all of you, you are so awesome, keep it real and stay Subbed for further entertainment!.

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