Epic Lottery Prank On Friend!!! Video

lottery prank


so this is my friend caitlin and that’s my brother Trey right there and my dad so she’s going to scratch off one engagement so there’s calling flasher um seat open cash yeah looking shocked lucky shot and higher doll hair yeah I think and so she can expect some blush brush off home I think you should scratch off this one the high dollar I can show the camera like an attorney hello yeah so I’m just going to push pick you up a few dead ones and and fresh oxygen mask three like a mouse to win that amount 56 c wu got ten thousand dollars what our saw that can you say hey so we other 1s 5925 i’m a blind oh good i can try the phone 10,000 10,000 great i think we just wait only in person oh I think we just won’t end up with 10,000 oh wait a minute hang on wait wait a minute will ya oh sure daddy go oh I think you were upstairs or something let’s go oh ok wait yeah thank you we gotta wait for my guy ok but we hit this wins three like about ten thousand dollars $1,000 house alone wouldn’t that be amazing if we did oh yeah yeah that was always you I don’t know maybe we could I am Dan chin and a hot tub and it’s swimming pool hello and then I read you get these scratch off tickets oh I got some oh my actually when God where you regime that I kind of knew that you know yeah well i knew i would play along you go hey yeah oh yeah if you don’t worry there are people that hot oh wait you painted this thing or something i buy ya by myself you can see whereas on I was like wait was like oh my knee 11 oh we get you have good acting skills and I was a good prank I know and learn it from the back from walk two three I was coming up I was guided getting like slowly but I was like overall so I was clear like distracting myself and being like oh whoa like I was like I’m just ready oh my gosh and the blog is going to be crazy ah yeah that was the beginning of the season right yeah I’m saying um these nice view for actual real franking yeah hey whoever had my pen and give it back you look so real I know I was like so confused just gonna stretch it off even more oh I know how to make my point i want to make valentine’s day cards like that let these two columns you want off something anything over anything special where or you put a grass fire and get you going to using my nail which is next to find it is taking the title this video’s would be like epic patrick lottery crank on trend or socially yes funny title okay where’d you get like okay and why did you get these like week one I got to fake one guy at five below so make sure you go and check out and also subscribe to my channel and um man my brother’s channel mmm yeah bye so what do you think about this card right here I thought it was I thought it was real and that was because I was like how I was kind of like it’s probably not real because it you don’t usually win ten thousand dollars so then Aikido so what do you accidentally what was your reaction when you saw my rationale is like stretching it off and I was just like and King it and then I was like just text violence oh honey oh and you can fall when was gonna call ahead so that Matt is the fake lottery card tray oh yeah so yeah so I still have two more left to more fake names and Tyler point tickets so yeah and they’re just as um I just as on the back it has like in small nation that you could play or you want to Lord says confirmed signature name Street setting phone number and it looks like real because it has like this and like bees and I on the way this is here I guess so yeah so this is going for example and it’s kind of traveling into the Val vlog ever so and all over for next time I’m gonna grazing by so yeah yeah don’t forget the rock big smile more by piece and smile more yeah.


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