Embarrassing Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!!! Video

lottery prank

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hello guys welcome to another prank today I’m going to be trying to ruin Tiffany state with these fake lottery tickets let’s see what happens hey one sec shower attention like you know what’s the message have a desk with more good Vuitton are you leaving ho ho / lortell smashing okay you guys forgot the gas station babe fucking yeah where’s she going where did she go oh she’s going to the fucking store thanks Wow and she’s budding embarrass herself so hardcore fucking leaving seriously look look at this ah she’s going to the store holy shit guys this is literally one of the fucking happiest moments of my fucking life this is great I literally won $20,000 on this freakin scratch offs it’s gonna be fucking awesome I’m about to put my money now currently waiting in line now it was my boyfriend’s goes my boyfriend’s we should have some serial numbers before even hear what the barcode is can say here that’s whether this from other stage all right thank you all right apparently they can’t fucking take it I don’t know they said it has no mark I think things just fucking pranked me this bullshit I’m pulling it out to fucking kiss my hands are shaking and everything that’s do you like that who who told you to touch the tickets you okay I didn’t tell you to touch those tickets come here man.


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