Destiny: I Won The Lottery (Prank) Video

lottery prank

Hey guys! I was playing vault of glass and I got a strange call from Jamaica telling me that I won the lottery! Make sure you stick around until the end of the video to see what happens! for watching!.

yo what’s up guys me and my buddies are playing the vault a glassy of the day and I got a surprise call so y’all enjoy who is calling me jamaica this shit on speakerphone hello hi a pleasant good day are you doing today I’m doing great how are you doing I’m fine my name is David Anderson contacting you today from the Texas State Lottery company okay located in Amarillo Texas okay okay reason for calling you today to have you notified and also to congratulate you today that you are araki second place winner here in our company which you have won yourself a blue certified cashier’s check valid 950,000 and also a 2050 bargain I said it must be my lucky day yeah it smells on me right now this dude the company did not did this for you today okay sir if it does by the good Lord okay okay what I want to know are you interested to claim your prize today no I’m okay thanks up fuck you oh did y’all see that oh my god oh my god i can’t i can’t believe that just have enough about to save it I’m so glad.


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