Daddy Pranks Baby With Huge Teddy Bear!!! Video

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Daddy pranks baby with huge teddy bear…


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someone told me number so dumb movies don’t exist in my life today oh ah ah just um I talked out almost broke my foot two seconds into this prank hey Spencer you’re not going to say a Theodore so today I will be filming a prank with my boy Theodore so back when Kathryn I first started you I was seeing these huge teddy bears these 93 inch teddy bears all over social media so I just crazy ideas i incited huge teddy bear and somehow prank Catherine it’ll be epic and I’ve never seen anybody do it before so I was like I have to do it so I did it it went perfect ended up on viral thanks to everyone part of the egg sale so if you haven’t seen it you should go check it out one of our very first videos over all the other rs out there that tried to use the huge teddy bear in the video and didn’t give the ace family any credit I just want to thank you guys that you guys are ruining be peace no not really so today I figured I’d bring Taylor back just like you guys requested well this time instead of pranking my queen I will be pranking my princess my one year old daughter so this is how I was going down Ellen Catherine in the other room getting ready for the day and whenever Catherine gets ready ljus ready Elle’s like a little minion Catherine put makeup on and elves over here acting like she’s put makeup on literally Ella’s Catherine’s point at the same time elbows back and forth playing with me so once I’m done setting him up I’m going to place him in the living room by the way Catherine’s in on this so Catherine is going to try to do our best to get into the living room to look for me to play with me and Matt when I’ll prank here I’ll probably move a little bit and I’m sure if I should get up and actually scared because that’s the little Miko who’s ready if you’re ready like the video and I guess leave a comment below so now the sad part I have to cut the door open I promise New York I’ll get you back the bed baby give me the cash is there a host now who is it man oh shit it is hot as hell in there and so hard to breathe hey Stanley you guys see any leftover cotton anywhere that it makes there’s no evidence all right I think we’re good to go now we just gotta get princess Ella coming out the woman in his brand car you did you got old sweat in there but it was a success Oh smart babe I got you babe he knew huh your noodle applauding you knew she came back in the room she was like looking at me and she was like something’s wrong with the bear and we’re daddy and so when it came out I picked her up and she realized that you were in there she gave me a good smart smart attention more baby look look today thing I got you know now who’s ever pranked or one year old daughter me daddy you want to get in the bear huh I know able to stitch up my bear mine it was yes I’m gonna put detour back together a promise you want to get in the beer mm hmm today right i’ma get inside the bear and give you a hug okay here for the mommy on the end of there and surprise you’re not like frightened for list you know daddy be playing too much huh is that why you keep seeing this very do crazy things and she was like three months old give me hug get on your leg right here right there right there oh she wants to a lively what you have to say about the situation what do you say bit well she wants to prank daddy chooses hey you can’t you bought the preg daddy’s you careful with it now that what you have to say thank you for everyone who tuned in as always I hope everyone enjoyed that little prank literally little prank and maybe you’ll be seeing more theater in our videos look at elf vlogging her experience right now my daddy just pranked me and I’m going to get them back what what was here okay you had a hold it up my mom taught you good job good job and a good job proud of you so before we close this video we do have to give our notification shout out today to hoob event so today’s notification child goes to Rufina Lopes and you said done I watched you guys since day one a shout to you bro thank you so much thank you so much for having our post on vacation turned on whoever else like a post on vacation shout out all you have to do is obviously subscribe turn on our pulse on vacations and comment win obviously if you like this video you got to give it a thumbs up like share comment and subscribe and like me and my beautiful princess and my beautiful Queen always say back with more videos P.


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