Crazy Lottery Prank (Gone Wrong!!!!!) Video

lottery prank

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you you haha okay guys so I got some fake lottery tickets and i’m about to give them today also rock to the video okay guys sore back and he’s gonna be scratching off this one okay i’ll turn around okay guys he wants to scratch his off highway will it it says that you have to get three matches to win that amount okay we have 15 thousand ten ten screw your own skewed you do it I’m gonna come on this side of you another fry pattern what five times I’ve 15 thousand dollars are you joking me I seriously 15 thousand are you kidding me what’s it and that’s the top now I’m on why my style yeah what match three to win that amount what damn I’m telling grandma oh hey guys don’t do that to me what do your video on video haywood don’t get mad read your back read the Bundaberg don’t you I told you why I didn’t think you liked it leave it like that okay hey stop it was a joke stop it Oh crew I used to be so happy but without you here at this oh love I want you that you left but I can never seem to let you.


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