Christmas Lottery Winner Prank In Denver Video

lottery prank

Video by Sandi Ruby.

trash five bucks is good huh joon this 5c let me see if you got one no I’ll check it out you just got your mom shelter well I do scratch the dollar signs these words it says yeah it’s just three of a kind I think they’re all different anything any winners yet dad are you in scratch yours yeah watch mine after yeah scratch my laptop just three yeah I have 350 thousand but we don’t lawsy oh shit really she would have did you seriously win fifty thousand dollars and I have something else like I don’t know what you say it says match three like amounts and win that amount there’s three fifty thousand no way hey you owe me yeah I can I actually do like Amazon cards mom did I car oh my god oh my god i played met three dollar amounts and automatically win that dollar amount oh she may be some baby i feed going feed streaming finish reading oh fuck is it a joke haha huh it is.


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