Christmas 2013 Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Christmas Lottery prank I did on my poor unsupecting mom. Merry Christmas

you see I got nothing I’m done neither it was sucks babe there’s nothing here you rely take it you got a ticket let me see them yeah one more ticket nothing Lucy that one winner here no oh what a bummer let’s leave different you know it sucks about the watery man he’s gotta pay these guys yeah no I get a dollar man every damn ticket and you don’t win nothing ever let me see you judge would you get Delta nope Charles you win a damn thing either what 10,000 10,000 10,000 what what what what yeah no no no no Lucy let me see it you know 10,000 yes you did oh my god say you get one yeah we talked about this you gotta share yeah oh my gosh I can’t believe that big are you kidding me 10,000 hours yeah that’s crazy holy shit mom you gotta give me like now he’s 500 I mean every entire buy the tickets me Oh Ian missing oh boy hundred ten thousand oh wait ahead Nick all the numbers how are you gonna how do you how do you do it I got rid on the back fires a number that’s gotta be up there’s got to be a number on the back or something like you guys she had to get to a store something right test or Rio says I mean what’re prizes one dollar 5 25 50 maybe claim when there are a lot of checkers or so.


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