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what is going on guys faze rug here and today I’m bringing as a brand new video and I actually really like this weather right now it rained all of last night super hard and now it’s all gloomy and it’s wet and it’s just beautiful out it’s not too cold not too hot I actually like how my car looks when it’s wet like you know pretty sexy huh I hope you guys are all having a great Sunday today I love Sunday so much they’re so relaxing and nice you wake up to the smell of breakfast football playing on the TV and just good vibes all around I love making videos on Sunday as well cuz just like I don’t know just a chill relaxing day except for people who have school the next day you know I’m sorry I actually used to hate Sundays when I was in school because that would mean homework and that would mean sleeping early and that would mean Monday’s the next day so it’s not too fun therefore people watch school I’m sorry but Sunday’s are still a pretty cool chill day never use this camera I don’t think my camera would stay if I tried driving let’s see okay hold on let’s see it’s probably gonna fall my car’s gonna beep right now cuz I’m going out of here something yep Oh hey this is a nice little camera of you huh for if I want to talk when I’m driving and both hands on the steering wheel so it’s pretty safe all right let’s go all right yeah no no no all right nope looks like I’m holding it but I’m still safe here okay but right now I am heading over to my cousin’s house I’m gonna go pick something up you know I’m planning a little prank nothing too crazy you know I do some big pranks but that sounds a little bit small but it’s gonna be really funny if I pull it off and it’s gonna be on my dad I usually never prank my dad but I think I’ve done like I’ve done quite a few pranks to slim so that’s pretty good each time I don’t do a prank in a long time like I kind of upset because like a lot of people do like my pranks so I appreciate that but right now look to my cousin’s house he has these fake hundred dollar bills that he showed them to me a long time ago and I actually thought they were real so I got fooled by that and he like ripped them up and I’m like what the hell are you doing what the fuck like it’s $100 right there and you told me they were fake but they do look real right now I’m gonna go pick them up I’m planning on going to my dad and tell him that I have a magic trick and that I got this money from his room and I’m gonna do like a little magic trick and burn the money and pretend that like it won’t burn or like I’ll find them somewhere else and then the magic trick will fail the money will be burnt and my dad will be pissed so um hopefully this all goes as planned hopefully doesn’t realize that it’s fake money Bowman I don’t know why I actually like driving in the rain it’s not raining right now but this weather right now is beautiful I don’t know why I like it a lot and it’s almost December the Christmas vibes Christmas music Christmas lights everything about Christmas is amazing I love it and you know for those who are upset that they’re going back to school just think of it that you guys are gonna have a Christmas break really soon so you’re basically going back to school for like two or three weeks so not bad guys keep your heads up do your homework pay attention and you guys will have a nice little Christmas break very soon and you all better watch my videos during Christmas break okay I’ll be angry if you don’t I’m rich I’m freakin rich yes whoo baby stacks on stacks just kidding guys this right here is the fake money can you believe it look at how real that look you could probably use in a real store unless you want to go to jail they catch you that’s that’s illegal you can’t do that shit but this is so real guys look at this like does this not look legit right here oh my god alright so I’m probably gonna take like ten of these I’m gonna tell them that it’s a magic trick and that I’m gonna burn it and it’s probably gonna appear somewhere else and I’m gonna pretend that the magic trick failed and freak out I’d be like oh shit you just lost $1,000 I look so legit shout out to my cousin Anthony aka Sherman Lieberman for lending me this money like I promised I’ll try to pay you back as soon as possible dude but like you hooked it up I appreciate it I’m so evil with my pranks but they’re so fun to do I just love the reactions so yeah guys we’re heading home right now hopefully this plan goes as planned before this plan goes as planned hopefully this prank goes as planned man I just can’t speak right now I hope you guys enjoy anyone else crave chick fil a on Sundays only I swear any other day of the week I do not crave chicken why I do not want chick play and then Sunday’s the day that it’s closed I’m always like trick play sounds good actually once I’m so stupid I woke up so early and I’m like oh my god chick fil a breakfast sounds amazing right now and I was so excited and I go to chick playing on my go it’s pretty empty like no one’s here that’s cool no line and I actually went in the drive thru and no one was taking my order and I probably looked like a dumbass like on the street I probably looked so dumb everyone’s really looking at me like this kid not know it’s closed and I go up to the window no one’s there and I read the sign and it said closed on Sundays and then it hit me and I’m like oh shit I’m so stupid but alright I’m almost home right now I’m excited to do this let’s fucking get it alright guys so I just got home and I went inside both my parents are upstairs and I decided to change this up a little bit instead of me finding like money in my dad’s room and burning his money I’m gonna say that I just went to the bank and I took out a thousand guards I’m probably just gonna use a thousand dollars for this I’m not gonna use like all this but I just took out a thousand dollars for my mom and dad and I’m gonna say like you guys deserve it I feel like you do a lot for me and you guys could go out and spend it go have some fun with this money but first I want to show you guys a magic trick and I’m gonna burn the money and then the magic trick is gonna fail I’m not gonna find the thousand anymore and I’m gonna be like fuck like I just burned a thousand dollars I’m gonna freak out they’re probably gonna freak out but instead of finding the money in my dad’s room because I don’t think he even has money laying out like that so he’ll probably think it’s fake or something so I’m just gonna say I went to the bank got them some for them to spend and go out because they truly deserve it and yeah we’re gonna burn the fake money see their reactions I do hope you guys enjoy let me get a thousand dollars right now so I have it set up here we go one thousand dollars we keep the rest in here so they don’t find it looking out legit that looks oh my god there’s no way they’re gonna tell it’s fake right off the bat go upstairs right now show to them I need a lighter alright guys got a lighter guys Bosley what are you doing uh oh Bosley with your hand get it with your hand Hey okay get the tree oh my god oh my god uh why not blogging yeah I have a surprise for you guys I love surprise Thanks for meeting watch listen it’s for both of you guys I just stopped by the bank and I got you guys $1,000 for you two so obviously you guys deserve it and yeah it’s just spending money pretty nice right we just like to go on really I’m starting to get but don’t to go on like this but um before I give it to you guys I want to do a magic trick with the money because you know just for fun I learned it from my friend it’s kind of risky but then I think I mastered I practiced it with like other money like $1 bills and stuff come on downstairs I’m gonna show you at mom it’s actually a really cool magic ship like your mind will be blown well that’s mean let’s do some magic all right so I have the thousand right here and I’m about to blow my parents minds okay I told you I do magic in my pocket they disappear and that’s magic that she thinks that’s how it’s gonna work yeah this is a week this is probably one of the coolest magic tricks you will ever see and I learned it from my friend and I mastered it like I practiced it like many today mastered a dirty mind good okay so right here first off don’t get frightened or anything but I’ve a lighter all right so we got $1,000 right here my parents hard earned money thank you you’re welcome you guys deserve it but I want to do this magic trick for it so like all right so this worm what’s gonna happen you do not touch the money let them okay so I’m gonna set them on fire but yet we’ll see you guys will see the result you guys will see the result okay huh the metal hit batter yeah Noba like it’s part of the magic trick just wait okay are you ready hope you guys enjoy it’s gonna be amazing mom you guys are gonna be like mine straight crayon just wait the more calm you are the more it’ll work okay I’m Hartman’s I know what we waiting for it’s burning look just wait hey I told you guys not to touch them yet oh okay bring him back Maya I know it’s gonna work once it’s gone I promise you just just wait on it all right I know you guys are probably freaking out now but just wait you’re at Hythe I know I know it’s part of the magic trick it’s cool it’s actually really cool just wait all right all right all right all right now mom check your pocket there should be 500 dad check your pocket there should be 500 500 shoes in your head where’s the 500 which mom are you this to do this wait check are you make sure because they should be 500 in her pocket 500 in your old so the thousand you taught you wanna work with the lighter maybe you could just wait you did it was the money like this oh you freakin tuna I love a chef in a cheeto couple I never like this you burn money and you saw that we’re gonna play somewhere mom I practice this I just I practice this with the ones wait listen I’m sorry I shouldn’t be laughing you should have practices with one sounded but I wanted to surprise you guys with a thousand do the trick it would be cool for the video in practice with the ones how do you better I know wait I actually okay I’m sorry I messed up that’s on me I don’t I know I know it’s a thousand dollars wait I think if you guys take them to the bank you could get would they like give you guys the money back or no god damn this line Imam Magid I know I’m sorry it was coming back to life mara no it was supposed to appear in your guys’s pocket here that’s what I use this what I got a friend he said it was gonna work on you brings money how about money didn’t work now or okay oh we get out of this why well I mean I guess I’ll go get another thousand okay I’m gonna try this because this is there’s no way after you burn something alright guys well that was a fail um I’m sorry you guys can come inside I mean damages like a thousand dollars now it’s supposed to be my mommy’s sorry it was a bitch before you find something big I know I know I know Money.Watch Anup yong hwa at least we got the feel for the video like it my god oh that’s all you care about this is this is your guys just surprised what I got you guys whoo this is for them look watch a and if you want a hundred you can have no thanks all right well I’m sorry if I’m messing it up but I had extra so you guys cancel it it yeah but ever you shouldn’t have I know that’s a thousand then did you get this if the sun’s want how to take some for myself but focus thank you you’re welcome guys thank you thank you buddy you shouldn’t done that no no good no $1,000 extra I know it’s okay but you guys not realize that’s fake money ready did she know they were fake can you tell that they’re fake I did not really burn $1,000 Brendan does about the realest money ever wait does he wait let’s go to the frickin store I know that’s what I’m saying yeah no this is fake money I got it from Anthony he had like fake money laying around and I want to do that prank on you guys that wasn’t real money you guys seriously go tell me yeah I’m kidding those are real you guys can go spend the night you want thank you guys hope you enjoyed my god you scared me no but I’m serious I let’s fake you guys I burned my thumb doing this but that was actually so funny all right that is going to wrap up the video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please be sure to drop a like my parents for sure you got fooled even when I gave them the rest of the fake money I thought they were gonna already know it was fake from feeling you or me just having that much money on me but they didn’t know at all until I told them so I do hope you guys enjoy that video the reaction was priceless if you enjoyed it please be sure to drop a like hope you guys all have a great rest of your day please share this video subscribe if you’re new turn on my notifications so you guys are notified all the time when I upload a brand new video which is most likely every single day so enjoy the rest of your Sunday and other it’s been rubbing them out peace. .

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