Blind Winning Lottery Experiment!!! (Social Experiment) Video

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Blind Winning Lottery EXPERIMENT!
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hey what’s up guys I’m hiding today I’m here with pranks this year and we got some fake winning lottery ticket and you’re going to go up to ending state stranger and pretending to be blind and you want to see how it was the difference between homeless and regular people excuse me use anybody here excuse me look I put lottery you know lottery way what is it I’m supposed to be here oh yeah I found it wait what are you yeah where you are can you track to fight one song okay so so as you please check twice I need mine like a lot throw it open yeah thank thank you thank you excuse me excuse me excuse me oh um hi well I have a lottery ticket can you check if I want please yeah this is my ticket I’m sure are you sure I want nothing nothing okay I thank you so much hey you can throw thank you excuse me I got this lottery ticket can you tell me if I like won or not I got this lottery ticket can you tell me like if I want one or not like I don’t know but it looks like you went down I’m sorry how much angry are you are you sure I won $10,000 so you are you sure I won 10,000 can I can I tell you something true I’m really not blind we were just filming a video there’s a camera right there we’re just filming a video and there’s a camera another one right there yeah but now you know that’s not right when you can however we’re gonna have will you can’t videotape me yeah I mean we could delay do for me I mean you was honest with us yeah well you know you don’t even ask me yeah we’re going to actually if we could use your footage and it was good just testing yeah yeah I don’t have a job that’s the only thing I like I don’t yeah I want to thank you for being honest with us and so yeah we want to give you something in return that’s that’s the brand new blanket if you want it and I have some brand new t shirt as well if you want those are brand new and you don’t need and here oh we also want to give you $20 some money to help you for a couple of days you know yeah all right Thank You Man I appreciate it appreciate it for your honesty.


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