Best Lottery Prank Ever Video

lottery prank

Drunk kid gets tricked by fake lotto ticket.

a brand new window why is it doing that come back what if you got 25 thousand more one more money would ya feel oh you’re right you won’t oh my god just women you will not make right I do Oh trick me this is why in a minute oh my you can come with no you’re not win oh yeah let me see let me see it on it did let me see it might be shit my face you see this no listen match three like in my own string hanging out 5,000 5,000 5,000 it’s my lighting in those and I bought it oh my god you’re not willing progress take it look it up Luis it look easy 5,000 5,000 spice up went match three like amounts win that amount you want my granddaddy wheel on my end I went around on the ground we’re in I went through and a half grand 29 I’ll give you too Andria rules all right dude where do you get a moment orator you get it read it moving shit what are you getting at oh my dog really glassy on man you’re shakin I know verifying verifying yeah oh my god what do you get we’re winning prizes living $1 500 windings of a hundred dollars or more must be sent by mail or in person we just we just won five thousand dollars little videos online come o out you need that down orange in your dreams fuck you any resemblance to a real or implied lauter tun this ticket for anything for the spot any tickets of a hundred dollars or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy no it just says money fairy so you’re gonna show up let’s set it right there am I drunk or not money 1 2 3 know we’re driving a moccasin oh yeah baby oh oh hello goes to the winning cake I hate loser we’re gonna hear you and you only need ten thousand times I don’t wanna marry camera yeah did I don’t give a fuck those funny you guys why not a dummy garment what’d you guys get relations going even right on baby I couldn’t have you tagged because I Gavigan mashup beer oh my god everybody dude I hate me I can’t wait not wait to watch this one I think you need i owe you guys today I even hate you really great fuck you guys I was going I was so happy where’d you get those fucking fake artists identity just bottom no fee look 5505 my iron I love the 360 unit of it I’m going to be thickening this ain’t you know why cuz i believe all guys I’m a little I typical anyone.


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