Best Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Reaction! Video

lottery prank

besides the guy who told off everyone around him and quit his job for the fake 2 million ticket on his birthday. There is no way to top that one! haha

what are you talking about dude give me the card before not a fucking been grinning I want two hours hey I mean when you ready to go you’re fucking they do you ready to go to Raleigh day off more magic time I fuckers you see the numbers I’m taking a ticket now you want about that no why do no way do you kidding me are you ready to go dude you’re shitting me hey there’s a window at their to match three knocking knocking out 10,000 holy fuck man you fucking hit holy fuck what do we got well ten thousand dollars comes out loud yeah right here it’s a match free of any time back three right Hubble it is i’ll get this out not them get away from me motherfucker I’ll kill you wrong clean right now I’ve got a goddamn hammer yeah this is what it is all you got now let’s take it down here went through that carefully just take it down the street to the laundry offer the catch right now good deal lunch is on me her to turn to think it over the ticket now read the fine print Oh Oh 1 2 3 fairyland fairyland drive redeemable in your dreams no no there’s actual winners there you.


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