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anyway in chocolate but I mean sent in that Hollis is Christmas Santa Anna’s house a lot of chocolate for everyone guys the fact you sent fan mail from sweets and presents and everything tonight house is incredible so do you know actually I think we should do a mail video we show to him yeah fan mail Thursday’s yep this P to say so guys who want some someone sends the address below that man’s address send it we’ll check it up or my do today completely and private Elliott jazz one 500,000 only you know surfer cursive on the design this checkmate we’re going to give it to alia making being British won the phony what were you digging to area comp numbers up leave the check go to the door currently Steve Mobbs is not a dog whatever well I mean area you’re gonna be a millionaire sorry well oh you’re bad then let’s just see what happened he’s don’t anybody there is so dreamy a rich and before we do that guys make sure you hit the like button right now hit the like button right now down below be down below it smash the like button let’s get on this video just a hundred he likes it hit 100k likes hmm oh yeah man guys over there three i.Pads give me Go Go I’m seeing some chocolate I got a serve one another special one this is the best part I’m gonna juggle them look if you want one common hash table refresh of April you’re gonna like this you right now subscribe with you right now he’ll orientations on follow your Twitter and follow me as well and I’ll be here hi Mary’s i. Pad minis very very soon let me know below what color you are what color do you want cool there’s Stephanie face of arrow now you should nabbed it yes reasonable now hope you guys enjoyed my class today and I mean guess what I’m one and a half million air Roderick and if we stole from margin no no no come for free so my days are all the time and guess what you make this it’s a well done that’s what these locally on it you’re jealous because you and wondrous money’s been up I think I’ll be doing give up i. Pad the other Proverbs I’ll be doing given mostly I’ll be paying paying front and we’ll go get some clothes up a little biosphere as proper car because or map piece of crap on the price and integrable I want a proper icon we get away from your a team at up I might have for typewriters well supply price calm when I buy all of them well you already what are you doing on margin rich postcode lottery nothing better you know what I’ll buy nominal bed right I’ll pay for it is you get this back and then shut off see okay everyone wants is this stupid edit you don’t just go and quit your job because you got a bit of money a bit of money I’ve been on money 1. 5 ml it you say the million times already oh my gosh is what right why would you mean what you mean why you again never the moon Edom you donk Elliott Oh in money picked red 50 Playboy bunnies running around this mansion in littering lingerie when he’s more as rabbits from Cairo see these see these are two pillows on the gates judgment two dildos like big dick Giles I mean you can afford this choice Han we’re gonna do is go walk up and knock and a stir by elves yeah yeah Wesley necessary jars born 1996 to 2007 oh my god oh why it’s what they were released the hounds what we found is called beasts first Yankee to the politics of the luminoso online or even a fun people a jazz from Japan I’ve got money now so what is your plan out your buying everyone’s and family presents well not you Testament so dear that everyone s present day because you’re a decade a spy’s with the brokers in the i. Pad and you’re not getting one what I’m gonna bite right net oh this is a joint person there is joint presence you’ll soon see ya could be monkey seeds or something from play God my wonderful promise having bought plant was it I bought a snake but you bought Nana Elliot why you are sleek in the car cuz I Boris make me a baby dog but Elliot don’t put out doc the car as a phobia of snakes are you can’t yeah before like the smallest snake in the world place poisonous waste even come from I think I was in Africa and everything is a rattlesnake great there we go we got a snake in the car it away from I hate snakes I just hate to make hi Connie fuck your eyes I don’t want deck eyes was O’Laughlin this cost no more money I don’t care it on daytime city conduct that’s what you’re done quick a little bitch no oh oh my whoa when you can’t cope again too slow yeah you wait till I catch you again balls just spending all your money in seconds earlier why do you buy that woody clutter all myself anymore it is nothing wrong you see Esther there is it’s a 1. 2 liter and I want a 2 liter what else is wrong with it it’s got too many comings inside a my shark wagon hey I need a new one and yet this is ridiculous just think of what we do if you spend all your money on ones I’m thinking about as money running got oh it is it is time special occasions wow you guys called did some savings on the lovely guys look for 4 years of conversation 40,000 calls off his gun what the hecklers crazy if you want a shout out makes you calm right now with hashtag broke my hash table be extra babe low a stands for Ben and Elliot’s a Bravo or you can figure that out first application never finish something sexy Virginia in that jumper love your videos as the barrage double yesterday I’m always busy for a new video mule has invested Bravo I’d love to own a space where I pad hash table rokosz debate and coordinate to score new company and keep seeing him watching you puppies watch my videos corny Watson you’re coming I’ll watch my videos that’s sick puppy like like a cool puppy like he’s a broker puppy he’s a pop foe hey if you’re a pop phone makes you like the video type of Master brokers I love you videos and we want for a year now keep on doing what you do so I also count with 3 min subscribers special episode because guys 3 million subscribers I will be super glue in dildo Elliott heck well what do you guys think about me giving away Elliott’s 4/5 or 5 million subscribers yeah I’m going to do it oh I actually will promise you I will give it it Fiesta 5 million subscribers I’m not the price tag because honestly I do not want the i.

Pad the community watch hilarious trends are not when i.Pad and now I’m not conscious because the last one yes you are haha love you guys so much I’m joking see look at that guys you wanna I pad then you know you’ve got a like subscribe to those pictures on you kidding me one stop making a noise solo what were you doing well he did say goodbye your car to me oh stop him I told you I go it can I buy a car which is to quit various hey when you’re one and a half million acre fine thanks look not so has anything you know we come on come on and yeah probably saw the crank on it what there’s a crap on your car so wouldn’t you worry a box idiot they were this big 20 car their 20 car it’s an Audi keys nothing to do it Elliot we got a problem bad what you mean thing a problem safe box is empty. .

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