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so recently I did a bit of research on the Internet I found out you can buy fake scratch cards they look a lot like the ones you buy in the shop but they’re fake you can’t win any money religiously once a week Elliot’s bought a scratch card since he turned 18 for heavy it doesn’t know this is a big scratch card whenever it finds out he hasn’t won a million pounds sorry you recording but this time I don’t mind so guess what screw you 4.5 billion because I’m gonna be such a rich man buy a brand new Fiat sir z tech sews faster than my one now and guess what then again nothing you’ll get absolutely my hotter stuff ready to go to rage cleanse go quit my part time job Elliot you talk with your job is stupid oh stop it calm down here anymore he’s actually going to claim the ticket she thinks I’m a geek sorry bro her rank oh I thought I was living in the highlife you really turn some what you’ve done to me this time we see Marie disappear Elliott is a joke calm down yeah your jokes again a little bit too far been those people can inspire to do it to their other family relatives and friends I get video sent to me daily look my little sister shopping been do you think I give a shit no you know it’s illegal to drive with the lights on he’s really call me the mom you become see you on the camera I don’t want you to see me on the compass I’m second ain’t gonna bother hey and drive me nuts just spike tell me that you won’t reduce my presence and ban and yet why you view and why you’re drinking my drink my sorrows away you shouldn’t be drinking you know that day I have an emotional wreck my eyes I’ve got bags and all I need I need some lovin in my life okay love in your life oh I like that anyways oh damn y’all don’t yet you’re gonna kill me oh yes you do cause I’m just sick John shit. .

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