Art Haynie Lottery Prank / Reality Reel Video

lottery prank

Jimmy Kimmel Live in the City Party”
NAU “Anthrax”
Lightning Motorcycles “Le Mans”
Salomon “Chainsaws”
Golf Channel “Brandels Rules #4”
Jimmy Kimmel Live “Michael Jackson”
Jimmy Kimmel LIve “Gas Prices”.

and last night of course was the big sex in the city for now did you once out watch that together no I went home before that I didn’t have a big thing I just got together with the the girls I normally watch a show with I actually have some pictures oh where are they okay here’s okay so this is our sex in the city party last night me Molly Kathy and Jen we got together we’re having some cosmos and well it got pretty crazy but then the show came on and you see we were pretty intent on watching it and I really i’m gonna miss the girls I am um here we are again in it I’m a bigger fan of the show than they are i really i mean I really lost it a little is kind of embarrassing um in fact I became despondent during the show and I actually tried to kill myself before the girls were able to talk me down I don’t like snakes fun gooey things that moves like jello car wash nagaraj is brigands lies or skirt ladybugs hold on you’re afraid of ladybugs yep spiders spiders spiders black widow spiders spin really and what is it you do i work on anthrax I’m not scared of spider man whose okay that’s it I can’t do that all right I can’t do that can’t do that I can do that are we doing now rule number four never forget your camera because the scenery is spectacular I love go this is great we learn to Michael Jackson who has not done anything bizarre in at least a week turned up at a Colorado walmart on Tuesday wearing a ski mask to disguise himself the store managers guy who walks in he calls the police he thinks they’re going to get robbed and today they released security video watch the guy in the mask is Michael yeah did you see the one that was him you do tell which one it was yeah gas is very expensive I didn’t I couldn’t believe how expensive it was I woke up I went I went to bed last night and when I woke up it was a dime more expensive was ten cents higher crazy some word if I go to sleep tonight it might happen again nobody knows like why the prices are so high we sent a crew out to some local gas stations because the people who know what’s going on are the people who own and operate these gas stations and we asked some right why our price is going up from what we’ve been told it’s that there’s a shortage of fuel they said some of the refineries were shutting down people have to get loan and then it gasps and that is why I tried them crazy high prices my father was a Gouger my grandfather was the goucher and I’m proud to say that I’m a Gouger too I could have a major drug habit to support and every last penny goes up my nose pickers and bling bling baby yeah was that how we know why it to her good old fashioned American greed you.


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